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To Olga from Riga | by Lisa/Anders - Ninja Transvestit Danmark
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To Olga from Riga

Daily I receive thousands of fan letters of which my press agent occasionally force me to answer at least one or two.


This one is from Olga Zchastratskova from Riga who write..


Helo Lisa from Riga, greetings much I like you pictures very sexy butt I have question I ask for you. How is so you are many old and look young so? Is plastic surgery maybe perhaps? Or practice lot of yoga or live only from eating salat of vegetables?


Please Lisa, I ask of you reveal answer to me Olga. I very big not pretty, my face look like... oppose soviet rule of Latvia. Perhaps you help me advise to more beautiful yes?




Olga Zchastratskova, Riga.




Dear Olga


We are all born differently to be either beautiful or ugly, big or smal, thin or fat. These are things we have absolutely no influence upon ourself. Some, like me, are just created to bloom thin and beautiful, so from being born an ugly little chubby thing, each day I grow more beautiful, tall and sleek. If born, like you, fat and ugly, there is no escape that terrible fate, as we clearly see in the case of the german concentration camps, where the ones prone to overweight, despite being deprived food, kept getting fatter and fatter, finally to die from the most common known deseases following massive overweight.


So there is really nothing you can do about it, other than accept your fate and perhaps buy a elevation bed while you still are capable of standing on your feet. Just sit back, get fat and hope to die before too long. As to being beautiful, plastic surgery is of cause an option, going for the chubby ex. Diva look, as we see in case of Marvin Cassidy, better known under her T-girl name, Mariah Carey.

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Taken on June 1, 2012