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Future boys | by Lisa/Anders - Ninja Transvestit Danmark
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Future boys

I was waiting for the bus, when I saw a young guy approaching. I was quite in my own thoughts, lighting a cigaret when he ask me, if I had been waiting long for the bus?


I answered him in my very own male voice, that I had been waiting QUITE a while, so that it should soon be coming... Perhaps I should explain that I never ”twist” my vocal cords to sound female, but just as well, I try to refrain from growling and reaching the low tones and notes of normal speech. But this time I half forgot, or half didn't really care (even I don't know which)? Very unlike me really! Anyway, he did seem sligthly chocked, but I was puzzled to find him keeping the conversation going!? ”Is it time for the night busses already?” He said and I answered, though in my more usual ”Lisa way” now. He even sad down close to me in the bus and we talked on the ride towards the city of this and that, going out, nightbusses and so forth. At a time he said ”... Im just going to hang out with some friends, I seldom really go out as there is usually problems with ID... ”. I was confused.. ”But... problems with ID... but how so..?” .”How old do you think I am?” he asked, I guessed ”21... perhaps 23” I said and was QUITE surprised when he said he was only 16 years old. I was VERY surprised I must admit, so much it obviously showed, which made him proud he even said :o) ”Just wait!!” I smiled in return, ”soon enough, you will wish to be guessed YOUNGER than you are! :o)”


How insight full of you :o) how DO you do it? Read my mind this way, that is? But yes, of cause I could not help my self, asking him to guess my age?...though... the expression on his face made me wish I my self had brought an ID. I seriously doubt he belived me. Anyway, when the time came for him to get of the bus, he gallantly presenting me his hand, wishing me a good evening. He was.. EXTREMELY sweet, kind and empathic. Just a kid really, but with more wisdom than could be added together, from 3 average society adults.


I am so used to idiots, that these... human beacons of kindness, wisdom and light, never cease to amaze me, when they leisurely wander across my path in life. - I wonder.. if they in fact feel the same way as I do, about me I mean, those human beacons? Perhaps they do, in fact! Quite possibly, really!


A good start on the evening though, especially as the ”dress up” part was a little stressed with time. (I HATE that)


I was going to ”Queer party” at Warehouse 9. An event where one is sure to meet quite interesting people and I was not disapointed.


These 2 ”guys” (on the pictures)...I call them ”guys” as the one said -”To day I am Benjamin” -, was the incarnation of, femininity, in every little movement and gesture. The guy on the right, made a casual dance so nymph like, while just talking on the phone totally unaware, that I was stunned in admiration. Benjamin (the one on the left) at a time, took off his T-shirt, presenting a stomach and waist so slim and feminin, even I can not come close. He was wearing a black bra and it looked only, feminine!!! He even talked with a voice so velvet smooth, one thought only of one thing the second he opened his mouth and started pronunciation words :oP WOW!


These 2 ”guys” I have not seen before in Denmark. Obviously they are quite young and again I am filled with hope for the future, as they (much as I) had an invisible sign to every little thought and movement they made that said, ”This is me, try me, see if I give a fuck what you think!”


Then... a woman (she said she was a lesbian) started hitting on me.. I hate it when they do that.. Especially when I clearly sense, that in male form they wouldn't spare me a word or a second glance. But I did also meet a most charming and intelligent young guy, they DO exist, but again very very young was he, perhaps a little too.... :o)


All in all a good evening and I got to walk rather long through the city, in my super white ”walkability” 10 (though only 4 inch) leather stiletto heels. LOVE that, just walking down the street... Ok I admit it, you don't have to look at me that way.. I LOOOOVE it, when the cars honked their horn passing by, in salute to my feminin contribution to the streetview, all five times in fact ;o)


To be honest, it usually flatters me in such a degree I smile involuntarily, in bliss and thanks.. Though I try my best not to look in the direction of the cars, as it happenes I am quite familiar with the male system of comunication and content.


One can smile, blush and look down. But smiling facing a person, is a tiny, small invitation.


Transvestit København Danmark

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Taken on May 13, 2012