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"You look BEAUTIFUL" we both agreed almost instantly upon seeing eachother, though the fascination must have been mutual in the most different of ways.

This is how it is when it´s best in Copenhagen, my hometown. Straight to the point, not as you may think in a sexual way because this is Warehouse 9, everything goes and this is much more true that even I once thought.


You see ones I claimed to a fellow sister, that she wouldn´t have to worry about how she looked and what to wear going to a party at warehouse 9. "You could come naked!" I told her, "people would just think it was COOOOOL. - Shortly after an experimental artist came dancing naked of the stage encouraging people to dance naked and at another party soon after, a couple of guys came just painted al over their naked bodys. It is really true EVERYTHING goes.


But this night it was just my lucky day because I had wits enough to ask her 2 important questions in a row.


First. "Who did that, who created you such a work of art?" She pointed across the bar at the guys you can just see to the left and said. "He did tha makeup/mask thing where as I did the rest." He smiled heartly across the bar and I ask the next question. "I think perhaps it is best if we have our picture taken. I pulled my camera from my purse as she playfully agreed :o)


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Taken on February 21, 2010