SME Spokane tours MacKay Mfg - Lean in the Precision Machining Environment
A Message from SME [Spokane, WA Manufacturing] Chapter 248:

Thanks for attndingthe SME-Spokane Plant Tour of MACKAY MANUFACTURING in Spokane Valley. SME has had a strong response to this event (See the preliminary attendee list below) Here is some updated information on the event:

(1) PIZZA: Traditionally, SME-Spokane makes arrangements for a no-host networking diner social event following the tour. This tour will be different. Your host, Katie MacKay and the MacKay Management team will be providing pizza at the event.

(2) CHECK-IN -- Given the numbers attending the event, it might be well to try and arrive at the Tour site at 5:30pm for check-in so that the tour can be organized and start at 6:00pm

(3) SME-Spokane normally asks for a nominal donation of $5.00 at these ecents to help fund its manufacturing education activities. SME-Spokane is set-up to accept MC/Visa for this, but given the numbers at this event, $5.00 cash would make the sign-in process flow much more smoothly.

(4) MacKay Manufacturing: MacKay has a long history of association with SME, almost 20 years ago in 1995 SME-Spokane's newsletter was announcing its 1995 tour of the MacKay facility. to see a replica of the 1995 newsletter go here:

(5) MTCE [Manufacturing Technology Center of Excellence] A Washington State Manufacturer of the Year Award winner, MacKay is one of Eastern Washington's premier MTCE's On this tour you will see a number of examples of advanced technology including sophisticated multi-axis machining. MacKay is also one of the very few contract machining operations in Eastern Washington to utilize High-Energy Isotropic Surface Finishing to improve their part performance. They were recently acknowledged for their contributions in this field in a techncial article by Products Finishing magazine:

(6) Other upcoming SME Events
* Engineers with Beers, Business Networking Event
* SME-INWAC Plant Tour of WEMCO

MacKay Manufacturing Plant Tour Registration List

Jason V, Lean Leadrership class, S.C.C., Spokane WA, WA
Greg R, Instructor, Spokane Community College, Spokane, WA
kent b, BPI Facilitator, Avista, Spokane, WA
Mark M, Recruiter, Atlas, Spokane, WA
Matt F, Executive Recruiter, Atals, Spokane, WA
david o, cfo, ez loader boat trailrer, spokane, WA
Scott L, Partner, Eide Bailly, Spokane, WA
Alan E, Sales Order Manger, Scanivalve Corp, Liberty Lake, WA
Amanda F, Product Engineer, Esterline Interface Technologies, Coeur d'Alene, ID
Tim R, 5 axis CNC machinist Programmer, ProtoTech, Liberty Lake, WA
Ryan H, Student, SCC, spokane, WA
David R, Production mechanic, Triumph Group, Spokane, WA
Brian B, Vice President of Cutting Tools, Stellar Industrial, Spokane Valley, WA
Eric A, Cutting Tool Specialist, Stellar Industrial, Spokane Valley, WA
Preston M, CAD Programmer, Apex Industries Inc, Spokane Valley, WA
Jason B, Manufacturing Assembly, Apex Industries Inc, Spokane Valley, WA
Glenn Moffitt M, Programming Mgr, Apex Industries Inc, Spokane Valley, WA
Brad K, Estimator, Apex Industries Inc, Spokane Valley, WA
Loren G, Student, SCC, Spokane, WA
Ximena M, Continuous Improvement Leader, Esterline, Coeur d alene, ID
David M, President, Dragon Industries, Spokane, WA
Vickie C, student, SCC, Spokane, WA
Ray R, Buyer, Altek Inc., Libery Lake, WA
Troy Z, Student, SCC, Spokane, WA
Gediminas M, Engineer, WSU - Applied Sciences Lab, Spokane, WA
Craig A, Budget Finance Manager, WSU - Applied Sciences Lab, Spokane, WA
Dean Z, student, ScC, spokane , WA
Sumalee B, Recruiter, Aerotek, Spokane Valley, WA
Carlos D, Recruiter, Aerotek, Spokane Valley, WA
Nicole H, Recruiter, Aerotek, Spokane Valley, WA
Phil M, Recruiter, Aerotek, Spokane Valley, WA
Jessica E, Account Manager, Aerotek, Spokane Valley, WA
James B, Pattern Maker, Wear-Tek, Spokane, WA
John M, Pattern Maker, Wear-Tek, Spokane, WA
John H, Machinist, Wear-Tek, Spokane, WA
Eric S, Machinist, Wear-Tek, Spokane, WA
Kevin H, Quality Manager, Wear-Tek, Spokane, WA
Dallin S, Tooling Engineer, Wear-Tek, Spokane, WA
Jacob M, Process Engineer, Wear-Tek, Spokane, WA
Scott S, VP, Engineering, Hydrafab NW, Spokane Valley, WA
Raylene G, Student, SCC, Spokane, WA
Phoebe S, student, SCC, SPOKANE, WA
Tony W, Mfg Engineer, Hotstart Inc., Post Falls, ID
Bill P, Business Faculty, SCC, Spokane, WA
Trever P, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Colmac Coil, Colville, WA
Darim Y, Looking for a job, N/A, Spokane, WA
brian r, none, none, spokane valley, WA
Ben B, Engineer, Hotstart, Spokane, WA
Jennifer C, Spouse, Teton Machine Co., Payette, ID
Marty C, Vice President, Teton Machine Co., Payette, ID
Eric B, Employment Services for the Gard and REserve, Washington National Guard, Spokane, WA
Kurt C, Product Engineer, KeyTronicEMS, Spokane Valley, WA
Wendy C, Product Engineer, KeyTronicEMS, Spokane Valley, WA
Stan K, Industry Manager, Greater Spokane, Spokane, WA
Nick T, Outside Salesman, K&N Electric Motors, Spokane Valley, WA
Fred P, President, Alpha Technology LLC, Cheney, WA
Jacob F, Student, SVT, Spokane Valley, WA
Mark B, Teacher, SVT, Spokane Valley, WA
Mike N, CTE Coordinator, Spokane Public Schools, Spokane, WA
Christi H, Director CTE, Spokane Public Schools, Spokane, WA
Jason N, Service & Supply Chain Manager, Altek Inc, Liberty Lake, WA
Bryan D, Quality Director, Hydrafab NW, Spokane, WA
Richard P, Owner/Partner, eVentures, LLC, Spokane, WA
Marla F, Director of Safety Services, AI, Spokane, WA
Bob G, Engineering Manager, Kimball Office, Post Falls, ID
Chris J, Applied Tech Instructor, Chase Middle School/Spokane Public Schools, Spokane, WA
Richard H, Director of Business Development, Port of Moses Lake, Moses Lake, WA
Darcy B, Account manager, Swagelok, Richland , WA
Joshua J, Machinist/Designer, Objects Unlimited, Rathdrum, ID
Molly K, Vice President, Tek Manufacturing Inc, Spokane Valley, WA
Terry K, President, Tek Manufacturing Inc, Spokane Valley, WA
Byron S, Assistant Manager, West Marine, Spokane, WA
CHRISTOPHER W, Managing Director, Ten X Strategies, Spokane, WA
Ellie B, Manufacturing Account Executive, PacifiCAD Inc., Spokane, WA
Ryan H, Production Manager, Pacific Steel , Dalton Gardens, ID
Ben H, General Manager, Pacific Steel , Dalton Gardens, ID
Christian C, General Manager, Space Screw, Inc., Rathdrum, ID
Mary Ann C, Account Manager, Altek, Inc., Liberty Lake, WA
Jim M, Owner-Principal, Absolute Business Success LLC, Spokane Valley, WA
Maria L, Materials Engineer / Chemist, Hi-Rel Laboratories, Spokane, WA
Jonathan K, Global Project Engineer, Pyrotek, Inc., Spokane, WA
Nicholas C, Machine Shop Lead, Hotstart Inc, Spokane Valley, WA
Bob L, Retired, Esterline AIS, Spokane Valley, WA
Karen C, Executive Assistant for Commissioner Al French, Spokane County, Spokane, WA
Pat F, Associate Prof, Gonzaga Univ, Spokane, WA
Kevin S, Business Improvement Coordinator, ALK Source Materials, Post falls, ID
Keith M, Engineer, WA State DOT, Spokane, WA
Lena M, Inside Sales, Hotstart, Inc, Spokane, WA
Taresa N, R&D Program Manager, Itron, Inc., Cheney, WA
Brett N, Student, Mech Eng, Cheney, WA
Andy O, President, Teton Machine Company, Payette, ID
Brett B, Engineering Manager, Scanivalve Corp., Liberty Lake, WA
Brett B, Engineer, scanivalve, liberty lake, WA
Mark A, CEO, PAMIRIS, Spokane, WA
Bryan W, Design Engineer, Pearson Packaging Systems, Spokane, WA
curt n, VP Safet/Retro, Associated Industries, spokane, WA
Micky M, Engineer, Wagstaff, Spokane Valle, WA
doug p, Mechanical Engineer, Empire Lab Automation, Spokane, WA
John R, VP Continuous Improvement, Purcell Systems, Spokane Valley, WA
Joshua W, Operations Manager, Military, Spokane, WA
Gabriel A, President, Achenbach Designs LLC, Spokane, WA
Drew H, Sales Executive, Imprezzio, Inc., Spokane, WA
Jim M, Pres, Reiff Injection Molding, Spokane, WA
William G, Machinint, Rocky Mountain Machining, Airway Heights, WA
Steve Yoshihara Y, Vice President, Washington Trust Bank, Spokane, WA
Randy C, chief business development officer, washington trust bank, spokane valley, WA
Dale O, Manager, Atlas, Spokane, WA
Lois Q, owner/consultant/trainer, Rapid Operational Improvement, Liberty Lake, WA
Mike S, Manager, Supply Chain Sales, C.H. Robinson, Liberty Lake, WA
Scott S, associate partner, dm-t, Spokane, WA
jeff m, President, dm-t, Spokane, WA
Chris C, Shop Supervisor, Rocky Mountain Machining, Airway Heights , WA
Kurt C, Owner, Rocky Mountain Machining, Airway Heights, WA
dave g, manufactring coordinator, Colmac industries, colville, WA
Kao a, production manager, colmac industries, colville, WA
Richard M, Oprations Supervisor, Kaiser Aluminum, Spokane Valley, WA
Jason W
Brendan W
Mike S
David S
Doug P
Salvatore L
Ellie B
Bert B
Gary A
Dave D
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