Day 71 :: half empty/half full

Tell me do you have the kind of touch that can console

I wanna hold my hands over my eyes during the scary scenes

Tell me will you stay with me at night and stand guard over my dreams

Will you stand guard over my dreams?


Made #82 in Explore.


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  • Diana Pinto 8y

    So serene...lovely.
  • ~*CherronCanDream*~ 8y

    Your face is very serene. I really like this.
  • Ariel.. 8y

  • Vashtia 8y

    Love the negative space here...and your expression is so sweet :)

    Seen in My Contacts Photos
  • Micah Hammac 8y

    I thought this was nice as the thumbnail... but when i saw the whole thing... it is awesome!!! I don't want to ruin it with a "note" but that sliver of color where the pillows break, and the tone of your face... geez... I really dig it. (and I must say, each time I come upon one of your pics with lyrics... I am always impressed with your taste in tunes). Ok, I am done gushing ;-)

    365 days
  • Paul Farning 8y

    So glad you didn't go with the "copping out" option – this is lovely.
  • Pound'n Iron Graphics 8y

    A vacancy sign under the covers (meredith brooks)
    You have a draw, I will refrain from any unwelcome comments. You look beautiful when you try to sleep. Wonderful shot, great light/shadow.
  • Martin 8y

    Wow, gorgeous.
  • Carlos 8y

    The look of contentment on your face says "half full" Nice warm soft tones to this one.
  • laura munday 8y

    i like this ones meloncholy beauty. great shot, pretty lady :)
  • Sandman5 8y

    Nicely done, Meredith... Love the composition! You look so peaceful... :)
  • Rod Monkey 8y

    Gorgeous - very tranquil
  • Sarah R. Bloom 8y

    So, so beautiful...I love the softness around your face in this shot.
  • sylonth 8y

    I love this shot.
  • Meredith Farmer 8y

    Ah, the mystery man speaks again. You, my dear friend, put the first smile of the day on my lips.

    Thank you.
  • constantX 8y

    loving it! So where's the Beast?!!
  • Micah Hammac 8y

    Todays photo (123) reminded me a bit (compositionally) of this one. Which made me think I should come back and "gush" a bit more... since it is one of my favorite favs ;-)
  • Meredith Farmer 8y

    Aww, thank you! This is one of my favorites as well...
  • ThomasFox Fessel 8y

    To be side you
    a favorite
  • Mohamed Aouichi 6y

    cute ;)
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