Samos, green emerald in the blue aegean sea (pool)
In August 1999, I came to Samos Island for the first time, (unfortunately) without a camera, I just wanted to have a nice relaxing holiday. Since then, I returned to Samos many, many times. So far, I always stayed in my favorite place, lovely Pythagorion.

Besides going around the island on a motorscooter or by walking, trying to get to the most remote places to take fotos, I play music with my friends on the island.

After the big fire in July 2000, that destroyed about one third of the forests of Samos, the greek-german initiative „Samoshilfe“ was formed to support the people of Samos. On Samos, I came to know a member of this Samoshilfe group and I decided to join Samoshilfe:

Since the year 2000, I have taken thousands of slides and in 2004 I started with digital cameras now having accumulated an awfull lot of digital fotos of Samos. For slides I use(d) Nikon F3 and F6 and for digital photos since 2004 Nikon D70, D200 & D700 and Canon Ixus 700 & 900ti.

Since 2006, I have my own Samos web site "Samos-Media" running, with different galleries containg approx. 2000 photos of Samos. If you want, pay a visit:

With regards to Samos, I put several presentations in the internet, e.g. one called "Samos 2007, greek & green", the other one is about the village of Avlakia. All these photo-based presentations come with local music from musicians living on Samos and Ikaria.
Please visit these sites: or

In August 2007 Michael Anhaeuser and I started a blog on Samos called "Samos-Images", sort of a photographic journal, you can find it here:

Over the recent years, I became more and more interested in videos too. A good example for my work are the videos called "samian dreamscapes", see this playlist:
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