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Another shot in the neighbour, Rob's,garden. View On Black


I said I would share something about the fellow that lives next door to us when I posted things from his yard. So here is a little ditty that will "as I like to remind him" is one of the reasons he has no wife LOL There are 5 houses on our block, and Rob liked to point out that I am the oldest woman on the block and will often refer to me as Mrs Coe. . . cause he was taught to treat older people with respect. Which may be why he felt it necessary put a bear decoy on the lawn between our homes to scare the crap out of me one morning.


Please do not get the wrong impression about Rob, LOL He is great fun and a fantastic neighbour LOL Steve and I know that if there were ever a time we needed anything we could and have trusted him, and if we ever saw a need we could meet for him and Curtis we would be there with all the bells and whistles on , he is Just a great deal of fun to have around.


PS the bells and whistles reminds me of ( as he was trying to tell me the difference in animal scat aka PooP aso I would be careful on my walks up the path) he said Black and brown Bear Skat is the piles like cow-pies that is full of seeds and such from berries and fruit. Whereas I was to be careful if I see Grizzly skat ( we have all of these bears around here) I asked ( which I should know better by now) what the difference was. He said " Grizzly bear poop is hairy and has all the Bells and Whistles in it and often smells like pepper." I ( like an idiot) said, " what do you mean."...."Well " he said "you know human hair and all the things people take to keep bears away, because they are just to hard to digest." LOL

ie; Bear Spray, bear whistles, Bear Bells.

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Taken on May 7, 2008