Sunday morning in Piazza del Popolo, Nov 2009 - 46

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    I have visited Rome's Piazza del Popolo on several occasions, and have taken numerous photos there. However, most of my visits have been in the afternoon; and in most cases, I have simply walked around the broad, open plaza and proceeded on to other locations such as the famous Spanish Steps.

    On this visit, I came to Piazza del Popolo on a Sunday morning, when the sun was still low enough in the sky to cast some interesting shadows. And I spent nearly two hours, mostly sitting in one location and watching the variety of people wandering through. Because it was a weekend morning, there were numerous joggers and bicycle riders; and there were also numerous tourists, many of whom spoke Italian, but others of whom were clearly from different countries. There were students and children, older people out for a weekend stroll, families, couples, and people coming and going to church services at nearby churches.

    I took nearly 650 photos during the course of the morning; these are the ones I felt were worthy of sharing ...

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      Hi Ed. Thanks for sharing this photo. I've just used it to illustrate a blog post on Learning to 'Speak Your Truth'. You can see it here:
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      Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad the photo worked for your blog!


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      I love this image! I have given credit to the image owner Ed Yourdon under Flicker/CC License, here is the link back to the work where the image was used:

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