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Gotham News Tonight with Vicki Vale | by Tim Lydy
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Gotham News Tonight with Vicki Vale

Gotham News Tonight with Vicki Vale


Hello, I’m Vicki Vale

Today fellow Gothamites, we are in danger once again! (I know right?!) With the escape of all prisoners from both Arkham and Blackgate penitentiaries, psychotic prisoners are loose all over Gotham (Again)! Their war will most likely plague our city streets for weeks, and the battles have already begun! Reports of ninjas taking over the northern slums persist, and even our fire departments are under attack from question themed jerks! The GCPD are already working to capture the foes again, but we can only hope our vignette of justice is working as well.


And we’re back,


In other news today, former president hopeful Lex Luthor, founder of LexCorp Industries, finalized a deal merging Cybertron Robotics with his own company. Speculation abounds if this was in fact a normal company procedure or in reality an armed takeover. Most likely the latter.


From the theater district, reviews for the new theatrical performance, Oz, are in and they’re hot! Critics deemed the opening performance today as riveting, thrilling, and even scary! Surprisingly, one of the lead actors was replaced just minutes before the curtains lifted, but that didn’t damper the great reviews, nor did it stop one critic from saying “This performance will be plaguing my dreams for weeks!” In an unrelated matter, police are investigating a possible scare-themed-gas leak discovered at Grand Avenue.


And finally after the break we look into the story of the lost Mittens the kittens; where has Catwoman taken you?




--I decided for some fun I’ll make some news casts as Vicki Vale from time to time, relating news from the latest events in GCW. The next ones will be posted in the GCW Stories group.


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Taken on June 23, 2012