Best Mexican Food in Arizona

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    This is the best Mexican food in Arizona. Guayo's El Rey in Miami Arizona has been a family run restaurant since 1938 and a tradition in my family for just as long. I've been eating here for over 50 years. This is my favorite - Dinner #3 - taco, tamale and enchilada. With a frozen margarita. It comes on two plates because the plates are so hot. The chips and salsa are home-made - not commercial. Two varieties of salsa. I judge heavily by the quality of the Tamale. Tamales should be a source of pride. And the fact that they don't load up with rice and bean filler. This is on Sullivan Street north of Hostetler pool and just east of the Catholic Church.

    After a tough week working in the mines, the miners would bring their families here for a night on the town.

    I don't know why they bother with the straw in the Margarita. The ice plugs it up. But without the straw you get a brainfreeze if you drink it too fast. :)

    {edited} In all fairness - so you can judge my tastes in Mexican Food - here are some other restaurants that I think are in the competition:
    Chalo's in Globe
    Sylvia's La Canasta N. 7th Ave in Phoenix
    Carolina's on 12th St & Mohave in Phoenix
    La Canasta on 7th Ave south of the Bridge in Phoenix
    Tee Pee Tap Room on E. Indian School & 42nd St in Phoenix
    Casa Molina in Tucson.
    {end edit}
    {edit} jcwadeaz nominates Rosa's on Campbell in Tucson
    cobalt123 nominates Guayos "On the Trail" north of Claypool and Micha's in Tucson on 4th Ave around 36th St.
    ms phoenix recommends Capitolio Canasta's on Van Buren (just west of 15th Ave)....{end edit}

    Just heard that Sal & Teresa's Mexican Restaurant in Show Low should be on the list. I'll have to get there and find out.

    There's a new fancy place Barrio that gets good reviews. I haven't eaten there. Not really Sonoran from what I understand. For me in Arizona, it needs to be our sister state of Sonora. Especially washed down with a little Bacanora.

    El mejor alimento mexicano en Arizona !!!
    Not much to look at from outside. Poweron took a photo

    Here is the best Tequila in Arizona

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    1. Al_HikesAZ 73 months ago | reply

      *Lynne - my metabolism is so "efficient" and I put on weight so easily that I only get to "break training" and treat myself to a big restaurant meal after a few days of dehydrated food in the wilderness. I'm learning to eat better at restaurants but I tend to avoid the temptations. That's why you won't see many restaurant photos in my photostream. I'm struggling now to lose a few more pounds before going down into the Grand Canyon for a week. But my metabolism is a blessing in the wilderness because I don't have to carry as much food as some of my friends.

    2. storystick 68 months ago | reply

      How's the Flan Al?
      You might want to check out my Santo Tomas rental house pictures....great place to run,bike at low tide and swim....I'll give you a deal

    3. ndrwwilson 67 months ago | reply

      Mexican food are simply the best. Looking at the snap can make anyone feel hungry. Well, during my last trip to San Diego I got the chance to enjoy Mexican food like never before. Even at the California Suites Hotel where I was staying the complimentary breakfast they offered had some good variety.

    4. DanVoglesong 61 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called GMO Free World (sans OGM, Gentechnikfrei ) picture it ; join us , and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    5. 61 months ago | reply

      Hi Al_HikesAZ,
      Your Mexican food photos are delicious. You should totally enter your pictures in the Mexican Standoff Challenge for a chance to win! You don't need a recipe, the photo just has to be taken by you. Enter here -

    6. Ms. Phoenix 57 months ago | reply

      Yer food photo looks delish! I agree with your choices of Mexican restaurants!!!....but don't forget the Capitolio Canasta's on Van Buren (just west of 15th Ave)'s the roomiest Canasta yet.....

    7. linda_laticia 55 months ago | reply

      @ dianatowsley...Ive worked at Guayos El Rey for almost 4 years...our margaritas ARE made with tequila..not a wine mix. They are made fresh!

    8. Al_HikesAZ 55 months ago | reply

      linda - i figured it had to be tequila - just too tasty and one was enough since I had to drive. I just don't know why they bother with the straw :)

    9. Luc8078 54 months ago | reply

      Qué agradable se ve! Qué rico comer y mejor si es saludable y deli. Encontré la historia de una familia que se transformó al cambiar su dieta...

    10. Días de Colores 41 months ago | reply

      ¿Y los dueños son Mexicanos?

    11. Al_HikesAZ 41 months ago | reply

      @Dias de Colores - Los abuelos eran de Sonora, Mexico. Sus niños son el Americano de origen Mexicano

    12. Riccardo Gaudiano (steppin_razor) 37 months ago | reply

      fantastic composition! here are my own, always Mexican food ... if you want to visit my profile and let me know what you think of my photos ... I am a beginner and I need opinions and advice :)

    13. hammy2014 25 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much for sharing! I'm really gonna have to check out the mexican restaurants in tucson az! That looks so good!

    14. gre99qd 12 months ago | reply

      My vote would be for Poncho's on Central avenue in southern Phoenix AZ ... Gre

    15. !efatima 10 months ago | reply

      Please add this (HTML Medium) delicious dish to Food Fiesta :

    16. Howard33 10 months ago | reply

      Black folks taught us how to sing, but the Mexican folks taught us how to eat. That kind of diversity makes this country great.

    17. John Hardison, The Old Snake Wrangler 6 months ago | reply

      Alan I have eat there several times. El Rays had a great reputation 20 years ago. It was always packed to them brim when I was there (lunch)

    18. rivera.amanda15 5 months ago | reply

      My parents have eaten here and say it's amazing 😊 nice picture!

    19. Howard33 4 months ago | reply

      A couple of decades ago, you had to travel to get good Mexican food. In the US, that meant California, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas. But good Mexican food is now available in almost any zip code.

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