Grand Canyon - Nankoweap Trail - view from trail to the Granaries

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    "We are inclined to forget that sight is in some ways the most superficial of our senses. Immediately after I came out of the Canyon I flew low over the whole of my route. It was an interesting experience. But that was all. Sight was the only sense I could use. And the difference between flying over the Grand Canyon and living in it is like the difference between, on one hand, seeing a beautiful woman in a bikini and, on the other, making deeply satisfying love to her, with all her warmth and smoothness and fragrance and murmurings and movement." Colin Fletcher

    The Nankoweap Trail descends 6,040 feet in 14 miles from the Saddle Mountain trailhead to Nankoweap Creek and on to the Colorado River. It is considered to be the hardest of the trails in the Canyon. You have to carry and cache water as there is none in the 11 miles between the Trailhead and Nankoweap Creek. "The Scary Part" is a section that is 6 inches wide under a sheer cliff with a couple of hundred foot drop punishing the slightest misstep. Getting across "The Scary Part" with a full pack is a challenge that frightens many away.
    Thought to be an Ancestral Puebloan trail, John Wesley Powell supervised the development of the Nankoweap Trail in 1882 as a means to allow geologists access to the area. Interest in the trail revived after Harvey Butchart wrote his Treks I guide. See also John Annerino's "Hiking the Grand Canyon" published by the Sierra Club.

    We hiked in from Saddle Mountain. We had a nice time with a private rafting group on the beach.

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      great photo and description. Sounds like a crazy hike!

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      Hi Al, we like to hike the Nankoweap trail in the end of May. We have quite a lot hiking experience. Do you think we can do the hike in 2 days ? Reach the Nankoweap delta in one day to overnight at the beach. The second day walk up to the granaries, stay there a few hours and after head back all the way up ? And is the trail well marked ? I mean are there signs to follow the trail ?
      Thanks a lot, Marcel ( The netherlands. )

    10. Sam Portillo 64 months ago | reply

      Excellent photograph! I used it here: Little Monster at his pool

    11. Let Ideas Compete 62 months ago | reply

      I once turned around at the "scary" part. Went over to Surprise Canyon and Dear Creek instead.

    12. Al_HikesAZ 62 months ago | reply

      Let Ideas Compete - you are not alone. A lot of people turn back at the scary part. I think the traverse after Marion Point is scarier than the scary part. I love Deer Creek. The Thunder River, Tapeats Creek , Deer Creek Loop is one of all time favorites. Very sad last summer that a young man from NAU became disoriented in Surprise Valley, headed down Bonito Creek, cliffed out and died.

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      Uohuuu love it!

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      Beautiful scene, you have composed the image very well.

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      Awesome Pics!! :)

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