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An early morning stretch

What is Exif data?

Exif data is a record of the settings a camera used to take a photo or video. This information is embedded into the files the camera saves, and we read and display it here.


Taken on November 17, 2017 at 8.09AM PST
Posted to Flickr September 13, 2018 at 3.21PM PST

Exif data

Camera Canon EOS 70D
Exposure 20
Aperture f/11.0
Focal Length 10 mm
ISO Speed 200
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash Off, Did not fire
X-Resolution 96 dpi
Y-Resolution 96 dpi
Subfile Type Full-resolution Image
Image Width 3648
Image Height 5472
Bits Per Sample 8 8 8 8
Compression LZW
Samples Per Pixel 4
Planar Configuration Chunky
Software PhotoScape
Date and Time (Modified) 2017:11:17 08:09:50
Predictor Horizontal differencing
Extra Samples Unassociated Alpha
Exposure Program Manual
Sensitivity Type Recommended Exposure Index
Recommended Exposure Index 200
Date and Time (Original) 2017:11:17 08:09:50
Date and Time (Digitized) 2017:11:17 08:09:50
Metering Mode Spot
Sub Sec Time 15
Sub Sec Time Original 15
Sub Sec Time Digitized 15
Color Space sRGB
Custom Rendered Normal
Exposure Mode Manual
White Balance Auto
Scene Capture Type Standard
Lens Info 10-20mm f/0
Lens Model 10-20mm
Lens Serial Number 0000000000
Macro Mode Normal
Self Timer 2 s
Quality n/a
Canon Flash Mode Off
Continuous Drive Single
Focus Mode Manual Focus (3)
Canon Image Size Unknown (-1)
Easy Mode Manual
Digital Zoom None
Contrast Normal
Saturation Normal
Focus Range Not Known
Canon Exposure Mode Manual
Lens Type Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS or Sigma Lens
Max Focal Length 20 mm
Min Focal Length 10 mm
Focal Units 1/mm
Max Aperture 4
Min Aperture 22
Flash Activity 0
Flash Bits (none)
Zoom Source Width 0
Zoom Target Width 0
Manual Flash Output n/a
Color Tone Normal
SRAWQuality n/a
Auto ISO 100
Base ISO 200
Measured EV -0.88
Target Aperture 11
Target Exposure Time 1
White Balance Auto
Slow Shutter None
Sequence Number 0
Optical Zoom Code n/a
Flash Guide Number 0
Flash Exposure Comp 0
Auto Exposure Bracketing Off
AEBBracket Value 0
Control Mode Computer Remote Control
Measured EV2 0.625
Bulb Duration 0
Camera Type EOS High-end
NDFilter n/a
Canon Firmware Version Firmware Version 1.1.1
Canon Model ID EOS 70D
AFArea Mode Off (Manual Focus)
Num AFPoints 1
Valid AFPoints 1
AFArea Widths 736
AFArea Heights 1104
AFPoints Selected (none)
Shutter Count 0
Bracket Mode Off
Bracket Value 0
Bracket Shot Number 0
Raw Jpg Size Large
WBBracket Mode Off
WBBracket Value AB 0
WBBracket Value GM 0
Live View Shooting On
Flash Exposure Lock Off
Lens Model 10-20mm
Internal Serial Number FA1994052
Tone Curve Standard
Sharpness 4
Sharpness Frequency n/a
Sensor Red Level 0
Sensor Blue Level 0
White Balance Red 0
White Balance Blue 0
Color Temperature 5200
Picture Style Landscape
Digital Gain 0
WBShift AB 0
WBShift GM 0
Measured RGGB 819 1024 1024 580
Color Space sRGB
Sensor Width 5568 (84-5555 used)
Sensor Height 3708 (50-3697 used)
Black Mask Left Border 0
Black Mask Top Border 0
Black Mask Right Border 0
Black Mask Bottom Border 0
Color Data Version 10 (1DX/5DmkIII/6D/70D/100D/650D/700D/M)
White Balance RGGB Levels 1664 1024 1024 2114
Color Temperature 3793
WB_ RGGBLevels Measured 1664 1024 1024 2114
Color Temp Measured 3793
Average Black Level 2050 2050 2050 2050
Raw Measured RGGB 1554186240 1878917120 1909653504 1035206656
Per Channel Black Level 2050 2050 2050 2050
Normal White Level 14580
Specular White Level 15092
Linearity Upper Margin 10000
XMPToolkit XMP Core 4.4.0-Exiv2
Rating 0
Profile CMMType UCCM
Profile Version 2.4.0
Profile Class Display Device Profile
Color Space Data RGB
Profile Connection Space XYZ
Profile Date Time 2003:04:04 00:00:00
Profile File Signature acsp
Primary Platform Microsoft Corporation
CMMFlags Not Embedded, Independent
Device Manufacturer CANO
Device Model Z009
Device Attributes Reflective, Glossy, Positive, Color
Rendering Intent Perceptual
Connection Space Illuminant 0.9642 1 0.82491
Profile Creator CANO
Profile ID 0
Red TRC (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Green TRC (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Blue TRC (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Red Matrix Column 0.43604 0.22244 0.0139
Green Matrix Column 0.3851 0.71695 0.09708
Blue Matrix Column 0.14307 0.06062 0.71393
Chromatic Adaptation 1.04784 0.02289 -0.05019 0.02954 0.99051 -0.01706 -0.00923 0.01508 0.75172
Profile Copyright Copyright (c) 2003, Canon Inc. All rights reserved.
Device Mfg Desc Canon Inc.
Device Model Desc sRGB v1.31 (Canon)
Media White Point 0.9642 1 0.82491
Technology Cathode Ray Tube Display
Profile Description sRGB v1.31 (Canon)