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Lake Placid - New York - Flower Garden with Bumble Bee & Beetle | by Onasill ~ Bill - 83.3 Million Views - Be Safe
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Lake Placid - New York - Flower Garden with Bumble Bee & Beetle

All pollinators, both insects and vertebrates, visit flowers to get something out of them for themselves. This may be nectar, pollen or both. During this visit pollen lands on the body, after which it may accidentally land on the stigma of either the same flower or another flower. This is also true for the bumble bee.

POLLINATION BY HONEY BEES. ... Since the honey bee is the most important insect that transfers pollen between flowers and between plants, the word "pollination" is often used to describe the service of providing bees to pollinate crop plants.

Beetles were among the first insects to visit flowers and they remain essential pollinators today. They are especially important pollinators for ancient species such as magnolias and spicebush. Beetles will eat their way through petals and other floral parts. They even defecate within flowers, earning them the nickname “mess and soil” pollinators. Research has shown that beetles are capable of color-vision.

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Taken on September 12, 2017