#1350 Kintarō ame (金太郎飴)

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    Cell phone provider au by KDDI is using these three heroes, plus Princess Kaguyahime, in a series of TV commercials


    • 金太郎飴(Kintarōame) = "cylindrical candy made so that the same patter appears wherever it is sliced"
    • 飴(ame) = "candy, syrup"

    • 金太郎(Kintarō) = "boy hero of Japanese folklore, who befriended animals and had supernatural strength" (濱田岳)
    • 桃太郎(Momotarō) = "Peach Boy, an Okayama legend" (松田翔太)
    • 浦島太郎(URASHIMA Tarō) = "fisherman who returns to his village to find that 300 years have passed" (桐谷健太)

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