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#1998 pufferfish (河豚) restaurant, context

"Live dangerously! Eat fugu. That tingling on the tongue could be the last thing that you feel." The fish must be prepared by a license professional because certain internal organs contain toxins—accumulated from what they eat, according to the latest theory.


• ふぐ料理(fugu ryōri) = "pufferfish dishes"

• トラフグ[虎河豚](torafugu) = "Japanese pufferfish" (Takifugu rubripes)


Update: The last time that I had it—decades ago now—big deal was that the flesh is so translucent (and sliced so thinly) that you could see the plate pattern through it. Boiled up, it tasted like an insipid cod.

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Taken on February 25, 2006