#1998 pufferfish (河豚) restaurant, context

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"Live dangerously! Eat fugu. That tingling on the tongue could be the last thing that you feel." The fish must be prepared by a license professional because certain internal organs contain toxins—accumulated from what they eat, according to the latest theory.

• ふぐ料理(fugu ryōri) = "pufferfish dishes"
• トラフグ[虎河豚](torafugu) = "Japanese pufferfish" (Takifugu rubripes)

Update: The last time that I had it—decades ago now—big deal was that the flesh is so translucent (and sliced so thinly) that you could see the plate pattern through it. Boiled up, it tasted like an insipid cod.

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  1. Manako 109 months ago | reply

    So, have you ever tried it? I've lived to 44 not eating it so I might as well keep it that way....

  2. Nemo's great uncle 109 months ago | reply

    @manako: Not recently.

  3. Benn... 103 months ago | reply

    The fish that Matt Groening took to the world. ;)

  4. Nemo's great uncle 103 months ago | reply

    @royal618: Matt Groening? Who he? Blowfish has been a well known Japanese delicacy long before 1954, the year that he was born.

    The last time I looked, there was a whole world outside the United States.

  5. Nemo's great uncle 103 months ago | reply

    @royal618: Google tells me that "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" is a Simpsons episode: "After thinking he ate poisonous blowfish at a local sushi restaurant, Homer believes he has only 24 hours to live."

  6. Benn... 103 months ago | reply

    It was a tongue-in-cheek remark.

    The Simpsons have had massive reach around the world - far beyond the US, with translations in many languages the world over.

  7. Nemo's great uncle 103 months ago | reply

    @royal618: Your tongue-in-cheek remark went over like a lead balloon (pun intended) here because Japanese is not among those "many languages."

  8. Manako 102 months ago | reply

    Not true. There are Simpsons DVDs out dubbed and subtitled in Japanese. They are broadcast on Wowow and I think another cable channel (Fox Japan?). I know because I was involved in back-translating the Japanese episodes into English for academic purposes. It was a huge project but really interesting!

  9. Nemo's great uncle 102 months ago | reply

    @manako: I sit corrected. I have only basic cable service—BBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, etc.—so only get to see things like "Six Feet Under" and "Oz" (Friday nights as a I edit photos for publication on Flickr).

  10. Benn... 102 months ago | reply

    @Nemo's great uncle. For your information and learning, the correct phrase is "I stand corrected". :)

  11. Nemo's great uncle 102 months ago | reply

    @royal618: Not when one is dealing with a royal pain in the butt!

  12. Nemo's great uncle 102 months ago | reply

    @manako: FWIW, I read this morning that "Dora the Explorer" is now showing daily on MTX, Channel 14 over the airwaves and Channel 9 on my cable provider.

  13. Benn... 102 months ago | reply

    I'd hate to be of any assistance whatsoever.

  14. Nemo's great uncle 102 months ago | reply

    @royal: Well, pardon me for not being an Amurrican and not living on your side of the Pacific.

    Please go away.

  15. Nemo's great uncle 35 months ago | reply

    @damail: I summarily delete comments with irrelevant graphics.

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