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Que Viva el Chavismo: embalming a leader is mummifying the revolution

QUE VIVA EL CHAVISMO!Chavez will not be buried but embalmed and put on display in a glass coffin in the Caracas Museum of Revolution (*).... the revolution mummified.


Let's remember that Lenin was embalmed in 1924 and is still on show, Stalin had a similar treat in 1953 but was buried in 1961 as part of the De-Stalinisation process; Klement Gottwalt great leader of Czechoslovakia embalmed in 1953 but he started to rot and had to be buried in 1962; the Bulgarian anti-fascist hero and later party leader Giorgi Dimitrov enjoyed an embalmed existence from 1949 to 1990; Agostino Neto leader of the Angolan revolution embalmed in 1979 and still on display; Mao remains also on display with some claiming it is not him but a wax copy; Kim Il Sung and so on all conserved in support of the continuous reign of the family.... it is always the same story: revolutionary ideology mixes with religion and produces the necessary balm to preserve power structures with the deceased leaders progressing from beatification to sainthood.



Inspiration source this readers comment on an article before the death of Chavez (December 2012) of his Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV) with the header slogan: "Commandante, sembraste tu semilla en el corazón de milliones. Continuaremos tu obra y construiremos la Patria Socialista." (Commandante, sow your seed in the hearts of millions. Continue your work and build the Socialist Fatherland.)


One of the readers reaction on the article: "Me gusto mucho este artículo, donde se describe perfectamente nuestro sentimiento de lo que significa ser CHAVISTA. Lo publicaré en mi blog (I really liked this article, which describes perfectly our sense of what it means to be CHAVISTA. I publish on my blog)


Que Viva Chávez !!! Que Viva el Chavismo !!! Que Viva la Rebolución Bolivariana Socialista !!!"


(*) The Museum will be housed in the former Museo Histórico Militar in Caracas (Colina de Cajigal, Zona La Planicie).

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Taken on March 8, 2013