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    I've been mulling over this 20 things about Me for a few days, and after a little encouragement from Susan last night I thought I should give it a go. I've really enjoyed reading everyone elses, so here goes...

    1) I was born in Germany and my family migrated to Australia when I was 3. I used to get teased at school a lot for being German. I consider myself to be a true Aussie, and had a difficult time accepting my German heritage as a child.

    2) We moved to Cooper Pedy for five years, when I was 10. Cooper Pedy is a remote South Australian country Opal mining town. My dad thought he would stike it rich, but of course, he didn't. It was a tough Man's town. Lots of dust, heat and flies. We had no TV, no air conditioning, no radio but we had some great times too.

    3) My first job was a bank teller. I was also a training officer in Sales and Management skills, and an Instructional Designer.

    4) I hate reading instructions and consider myself to be technically challenged. I often ask my kids for help when I get stuck on the computer!

    5) My husband and I first met at work. I had to train him up and really didn't like him. But I noticed what beautiful hands he had. Love took over at some stage.

    6) We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year and am really happy. I love my man, he is my rock and am looking forward to the next 25 years together.

    7) We have two children. Jarrod is 17 and Lauren is almost 14. They are great kids, well grounded , and I am so proud of them.

    8) I am in constant denial of my age. I hate having a birthday every year. We have a running joke in our family that I turn 32 every birthday. I don't want to get old.

    9) I love going to the Gym. I do cardio and cycling classes.

    10) I have a thing for cheese. I've got to have it every day. Normally around 4pm just after we get home from school pick up.

    11)My husband runs our family business and I work for him a few days a week. People often ask me how do we manage to work together, but when its your own business you have to make it work. We have a joke that he's the boss at work, and I'm the boss at home.

    12) I am a tea drinker, and a coffee snob. I can't drink instant coffee. I make my own espresso coffee with frothy milk. Yum!

    13) I love travelling. My husband and I travelled quite a bit before we had the kids. Last year we had 5 weeks in the US with our kids and another family. All up we were a group of 4 adults, with 5 kids. It was such fun. My favourite spots were New York, San Fransisco and Yosemite National Park.

    14) I enjoy going to rock concerts. The most memborable was the Rolling Stones at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. For a bunch of old dudes they know how to put on a great performance. I've even been to a couple of Big Day Out events. Next week we're going to see INXS at a little pub.

    15) I'm the youngest of four kids. I have two brothers and one sister. I have a difficult relationship with my sister. We just do not get along.

    16) I love to sew, knit and just recently have taken up crochet. I first began quilting 16 years ago and I've lost count of how many I have made.

    17) I am shy. I hate being the centre of attention and I hate large crowds.

    18) I hate gossip. I don't listen to it and I don't engage in it. Its just too nasty.

    19)I bought my first DSLR last Christmas and I am having so much fun learning how to use it.

    20) Finally, like all of you, I love Blythe. I only discovered Blythe dolls last August through Janelle Wind. I started on Flickr at the beginning of the year and I so enjoy seeing everyone's beautiful girls. I wish I had discovered Blythe dolls a lot earlier. Sometimes I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do, and that I have hit the ground running. I have already made some lovely new flickr friends and am humbled by the genuine nature of so many of you.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you have gotten to know me a little better.

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    1. Lðu 23 months ago | reply

      Hello Silvia, it has been lovely to meet you recently and now I know so much more about you!
      Did you live above or below ground in Cooper Pedy?

    2. Codey Girl 23 months ago | reply

      Hi Thea. I loved reading your list of 20 things too, and yes Blythe dolls are just fabulous. My tastes have changed somewhat since I first discovered Blythe. these days I'm hooked on kenners and BLs which are of course the expensive girls.
      Hi Lou. I've really enjoyed discovering you and your beautiful photos on Flickr. wow, you are such a talented photographer. we lived in a caravan for a couple of years and then in a house while we were in Cooper Pedy. My brother who was already married when we lived there had his own dug out. That is the only way to escape the summer heat there.

    3. obsessivelystitching - StitchWhipped 23 months ago | reply

      Hello Silvia! So nice to see you and read a little bit about you! :o) I too am shy, and I definitely prefer my little bubble. I discovered Blythe in 2009, but didn't REALLY get hooked until late 2010 - early 2011! I feel I have some catching up to do too -- but I am so happy with my little dolly family! :oD
      Thanks so much for sharing!

    4. rosieandmaggie 23 months ago | reply

      I am so glad you did a list Silvia! It is lovely to find out a bit about you. I feel that alot of us have alot of similarities in temperament, maybe that is why we have gravitated towards a similar hobby : )
      Cooper Pedy would have been a fascinating place to live. I don't know much about it, though Play School recently had a little segment on a family who lived in an underground house. Play School is very educational, especially for adults, haha!!

    5. Janelle Wind 23 months ago | reply

      Yay Silvia, thank you for sharing some special things about you, I loved reading each and every one. I am SO glad I decided to pop some of my Blythes in a box and bring them all the way to South Australia. I am sure some of the ladies at the retreat thought I was strange but it was totally worth it to introduce them to you and now call you my friend too. I love that you love Blythe too. Hugs xx

    6. Codey Girl 23 months ago | reply

      Hi Care. Thanks for stopping by to comment. You have a lovely dolly family. I especially love Bliss. she is so precious. Thank you so much for recommending Rebecca to restore my Kenner girls. They are so wonderful now. Xx
      Hi Susan. yes, I plucked up the courage to do my 20 list thanks to your encouragement. We do have lots in common and Blythe dolls is just one aspect of that friendship. There is no other place on earth like Cooper Pedy, that's for sure. I used to love watching Play School with my kids when they were little. I remember watching it as a kid myself, now that's going back some years too!
      Hi Janelle. I'm really glad your brought your two little girls to SA as well. They made a huge impression on me, just as you did. I really enjoyed working on your projects and getting to know you a little. Hopefully we can meet again someday and we can share some sewing and dolly time together. Xxx

    7. londoncalling2001 23 months ago | reply

      Wonderful read and you are gorgeous inside and out <3
      Nice to see Darcy wearing one of my friends Laura's Kitty helmets! She's not making anymore so you are so lucky to have some.

    8. tinycutethings 23 months ago | reply

      Hello Silvia! You are so lovely and I'm glad you took the plunge to reveal a little about yourself! It is really nice to put a face to the person who writes such warm and sweet comments! Blythe has a real way of sucking you in doesn't she? I'm very thankful that I found many friendships through Blythe, it isn't just about the dolls anymore :)

    9. lollygomez, yo! 23 months ago | reply

      Lady. You. Are. Fit.!!! Look at you, you're gorgeous!!

      Honestly, it is so nice to see you, Silvia, and I'm really glad I've got to learn more about you here. So you're a bit of a rock chick, hey? Fabulous to hear!!!!
      I love cheese too but unlike you I don't do gym's so it sticks to thighs lolololol

      Yes, I can see you're having much fun with your DSLR. Loving all the piccies <3

      Like you, I've made some incredible friends here on flickr that are so warm, genuine and encouraging -not to mention that they inspire the hell outta me :)

    10. Codey Girl 23 months ago | reply

      Hi Jenny. I will treasure these kitty helmets even more now, knowing that there won't be anymore made. they are so gorgeous on Blythe dollies too.
      You're absolutely right. It's not just about the dollies. It's also Bout the beautiful people we meet along the way. And the thing that blows me away is that we have friends all around the world.
      Hey Jess! So nice to have you stop by my photo stream. Thanks for all of your generous, warm comments. Sometimes it's a real struggle to get to the gym, but if I want that bit of cheese, and the glass of wine I need to go and exercise. I've also discovered that the older I am getting, the harder it is to maintain a good weight and healthy lifestyle. It's all to easy to come up with excuses not to go to the gym. I'm so glad I found you on Flickr and that we share this amazing hobbie. Hopefully will catch up soon. Xxx

    11. shimmering magic 23 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your life! You look lovely!

    12. mademoiselleblythe 23 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing, Silvia! You look gorgeous and it's so nice to know more about you. I love tea and chesse too and I am shy like you but I feel it's improving with age! Lol!

    13. Howcutecanyouget..Home To Kenner Blythe and Tiny B [deleted] 23 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing with me about your camera. I would really need to do a course too but it is something that I would enjoy. Life is never too late to learn new skills is it :-)

    14. Codey Girl 23 months ago | reply

      aww, that's you!
      thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.
      You're never to old to learn new things. Honestly the first day of the course was a little overwhelming, with lots of jargon and technical stuff. But it did eventually sink in once I started to play around with my camera.

    15. JennWrenn 23 months ago | reply

      How wonderful to see the friendly face that belongs to the cute buddy icon and codey boy flickr name! I'm glad to meet another Aussie in the world of blythe. You sure have 'hit the ground running' in this amazing hobby - you have a real eye for photography and an awesome dolly family already!

    16. rockymountainroz 23 months ago | reply

      You are gorgeous, Silvia! Love this shot of you! I have some glassware like the green glass in the photo! Love your list! haha...and I despise birthdays now. I don't want to be reminded of how fast the years are adding up! I don't want to be old either...and you know that I am because I saw the Stones when they were MUCH younger dudes! They will always ROCK! I am a tea drinker, but will only drink frozen coffee drinks...too bitter for me! SO happy that you found blythe...and you are here!

    17. plasticfashiondoll [deleted] 23 months ago | reply

      Hello Sylvia. Nice to get to know more about you.

    18. melaniebrewin 21 months ago | reply

      Sylvia I have to read this on my computer it wont show up on my phone but so nice to see your lovely face and I had to laugh as you have all that amazing green glass and I have green glass (been collecting it) love it!! We have a lot of similar dresses too!!! Similar tastes!!!

    19. rosessimone 16 months ago | reply

      I have only just seen this and wanted to say that it is lovely to know a little about you. I can relate to quite a few things that you said: I shall be forever 32! , love sewing, crochet etc and the love of cheese is strong.

    20. blytheyluv 6 months ago | reply

      You have the most beautiful dolls. I can't believe you're relatively new to Blythe!

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