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Vote NO on Proposition 102 this November!!!



If you live in Arizona, please vote NO on Proposition 102. I am voting NO because of what the Arizona Senate did in order to put this measure on the ballot. And also because it's just simply WRONG.


Here is a link of the video on YouTube showing what had happened in the AZ Senate.




They broke their own rules in order to force the anti-gay marriage amendment vote which happened on June 27, 2008. I am not proud of how the AZ Senate handled itself in regard to this issue.


Here is a post that my partner did on his blog about what happened:

A Shameful, Corrupted Vote To Send Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment To November Ballot!


Here is a quote from Equality Arizona:


"Tonight's debate was intense for everyone on the Senate floor and those of us watching in the gallery. But what happened to our openly-gay Senators by their colleagues was absolutely disgusting. Senate extremists strategically broke the rules of the Senate, which govern the processes for discussion and voting on bills. During a filibuster-like discussion on another bill during Committee of the Whole, Majority Leader Thayer Verschoor (R-22) and Majority Whip John Huppenthal (R-20), among others, devised a scheme with committee chairman Jack Harper (R-4) to outright violate the rules of the Senate and the rights of Senators Aboud and Cheuvront.


In the middle of their discussion, Senator Harper turned off the microphones of Senators Paula Aboud (D-28) and Ken Cheuvront (D-15) and called on the Majority Leader to make a motion. Then, when Senators Aboud and Cheuvront loudly called for a Point of Order several times, even walking to the front desk where Senator Harper sat, he deliberately ignored their calls. To add insult to injury, these people attempted to justify their actions, even after the Senate President and other Senators admonished them for deliberately breaking the rules. Tonight's actions of these and other Senators have forever tainted that body, and it's important that we all let the people of Arizona know how these individuals acted so unethically."


And a quote from my partner's blog posting:


"To give you an example of how breathtakingly two-faced and idiotic the extremist became - earlier they voted against a proposal by Meg Burton-Cahill (D) to make the capitol more accessible to the handicapped even after assuring her, prior to the session, that voting for the measure was "no problem." This clearly smacked of political pay-back for her strong and vocal opposition to the marriage amendment. Following this debacle, Senator Ken Cheuvront (D), who is openly gay, proposed a ban on the sale and use of plastic coverings that slip over license plates and obscure the numbers when a picture is taken of someone speeding. Breaking the law and getting away with it is the sole purpose for these coverings but the Senate Republicans (who are the majority) chose to ignore the logic of the proposal and voted it down. They obviously wanted to "put these people in their place" and couldn't have cared less about the handicapped or the lawbreakers (who, by the way, have been clocked at speeds as high as 120 mph). This is extremism run amok."


I hope you will ACT now and help defeat this measure that the AZ Senate cowardly forced through. If you can donate money or volunteer your time please click HERE. This will take you to thee Vote NO on Prop 102 website.

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Taken on September 17, 2008