How does taking part in amateur arts & crafts make you FEEL?

Did you know that the word ‘amateur’ means ‘for the love of it’? People take part in cultural activity for all sorts of reasons but we don’t often talk about how taking part makes us FEEL.

The #LoveTo photo campaign aims to explore the theory that taking part in arts and crafts activity can have a positive effect on mental health & wellbeing - can you help us celebrate this?

Get on board and be part of #LoveTo by submitting a photo of yourself telling others how it feels when you’re being creative. Part of an arts or crafts group? Why not get them involved, too!

Your photo will become part of a digital exhibition, and we will also be selecting some photos to display at a series of #LoveTo exhibitions in different venues throughout the year.

Help us spread the word about the benefits of creative participation!

Please send photos to events@vacotland.org.uk or tag with #LoveTo
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