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Ageeda Day 18 "Goodbye" | by ߣ4ck0ut
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Ageeda Day 18 "Goodbye"


Log of Boomer


Now I'm so glad the Captain and Ked release the I.P.Colonel Marox. Lt. Archer and I make the Prisoners from the detention center free and now we done our job here on Ageeda. But, now what we will do,We will receive a new command or mapped back to us on Coruscant and.....

Archer:Hey Boomer stop!

Me:whawha okey.

Archer: It looks like we have no further way to the Base we need to find another!

Me:Yes i understood.

Then I stopped at the collapsed bridge and I delight how, beautiful this planet is. May this planet is a half desert, but it's nice and beautiful.


And now we are here, in a republick frigate all of us nxet to me the Captain on the other side the Lieutenant and as usual Ked weary the piots with his little storys.I hear the engines are switched on and I feel the figate begin to rise.Yes this is the end of this mission Goodbye Ageeda!


Log end


Yeah this is the final part of the ageedan mission and the final pic with my squad. I hope you like this!? Pls comment!


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Taken on April 18, 2012