Paraul Rece
Still a hidden tourist pearl, enjoying a picturesque natural environment with an exceptional location, "Pârâul Rece" (Cold Stream) Resort has great tourism potential. Located deep in the Carpathians Mountains, but still easily accessible just a few kilometers from the future A3 Freeway which will cross Romania, and approximately 30 km of the future Brasov International Airport to be completed in 2010.

During the winter, the resort is an attraction for those indulging in winter sports, especially skiing. There is a well maintained slalom slide, and closed routes for the practice of cross country sky (only a few kilometers away lies the cross country and biathlon sky camp in the "Rasnoavei" Valley).
For the rest of seasons, the resort attracts hiking and adventure fans. All routes of the Bucegi Mountains may be traversed starting from this point.
For those who seek an oasis of peace, sun, and clean air, "Paraul Rece" Resort possesses all of the above throughout the year. The region and climatic conditions makes the resort area an ideal place to unwind from physical and mental stress.
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