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Correct Hair Combing Tutorial by TuSabesBlythe | by TuSabesBlythe
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Correct Hair Combing Tutorial by TuSabesBlythe

I know there has been much debate and confusion regarding this overwhelming process, so I thought I would make a tutorial to help everyone out. For all of you who know how to properly comb your Blythes hair then you can file this right next to Rachel Ray's cooking Bacon in the Microwave File, and please stay tuned next time I'll show you all how to braid a Blythe's hair.


1. Supplies, you are going to need a comb and a Blythe. Make sure that the Blythe is in good spirits and willing to participate in the event. Secondly make sure the comb has been cleansed of negative energy and bad juju. I do this by simply washing it or leaving it outside on the ground overnight so that mother earth will clean it naturally.


2. I like to make sure that the pullring is wrapped around the dolls head tightly and then tucked into her armpit (sorry this is not illustrated) so that it doesnt get caught on the comb and break the comb or cause any harm.


3 I usually start at the front and work my way around counter clock-wise, it is really important that you have a firm grip of your Blythe and then sieze or slice a thin chunk of hair. It is important to mention here that I prefer to use the wide end of the comb so that to not cause any stress to the lovely locks of hair being combed out. I mean lets face it girls, how would you like someone to come at you with a giant rake! LOL. I dont think so, right? okay then.


4. It is essential that you start off by combing the dolls hair at the tips and then move up the shaft of the hair chunk, inch by inch. This might seem very difficult but let photos 4,5 & 6 be your guide in this task. They illustrated the general motion that will be reoccuring throughout this process.* Please make sure that you are combing away from the doll and not towards the doll. That process is known as "Teasing" and we arent quite there yet, that lesson is in Chapter 8 of my book.*


5. After you have completed, step 4, we will then proceed to place the newly combed and Im sure very glossy lock of hair over the dolls face plate. This process helps me to avoid confusion so that I dont re-comb the same piece of hair over and over again. Once in a drunken binge I spent almost 3 hours combing the same piece of hair and I was just so confused as to why I wasnt gaining momentum and accomplishing my task. Well needless to say I learned my lesson and will not be repeating that mistake. So separating the locks is an essential part of my tutorial. Anyways Gals, back to my tutorial, after you have separated the first lock you may then proceed to slice or seize a second thin chunk of hair and well you basically repeat STEP 4.


6. You will then basically repeat STEP 4 and STEP 5 over and over again until you reach the opposite side of the Blythe's head. At this point it is essential not to stress out. Just relax and appreciate all that you have you comb through that last chunk of hair.


7. Enjoy your newly combed and properly groomed Blythe, Im sure her hair will be the envy of the block. The kids will whisper and the neighbors will stare but just enjoy all the extra attention that your girl is getting. She's a glamour girl Blythe and she's worth it.

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Taken on January 25, 2011