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    Since it is a scene that happens for a couple of months in Saudi Arabia (And Gulf region), I didn't want to miss it :)

    Photographing Flamingos is fun more than I imagined.

    It was so windy yesterday, I lost one of my contact lenses because of that, so I was almost half blind (was closing my right eye all the time in order to see well lol) and was using my left eye to look at them through the camera, which is something I am not used to.

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    1. { Soft Zoom .. // 88 months ago | reply

      9ra7a 7abeet el9oorah
      nice shot

    2. Farawla^Foshya 88 months ago | reply

      mashallaa great shot
      love these creatures really beautiful

    3. 3abbas 88 months ago | reply

      ooo without 3adasat !! allah setar you didn't lost the other one !
      about the pic, it's very nice i really like to shoot flamingoes
      but I think the little green grass in front of the pic is somehow distracting, but ma bel yad 7ila, you can't change it : )
      teslam eidek : )

    4. jakww 88 months ago | reply

      Great shot

    5. Fr Antunes 88 months ago | reply

      great composition

      Seen in a darckr view of your photos (mine, ?).

    6. → EMi ← [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

      Haha, I know how you feel! Whenever I lose a contact I fuh-reak out and it's a huge crisis!
      Now, do you know why one is grey and the other is a lovely pink? Is it like mood reflective? :P
      I heard once it was because of their diet, hmm but I dunno.
      Or maybe, maybe the pink one is male and the grey one is female (I say that because normally male animals have the brighter colors)
      Ah well, it looks so serene and peaceful there!

    7. Espraaaa.... 88 months ago | reply

      Amazing...The picture is very clear mashAllah, i love the natural colors of them, and i always picture the flamingos in my head with their heart shape pose !! what happened to that...or is it only Cendiralla Effect :S

      but honestly...loved their natural colors, one in pink and the other in grey ...u didnt edit anything did you ??

    8. znb_almahmeed 88 months ago | reply

      صوره حلوة اخوي خيال .. نظرتك الفنيه تغنيك عن العدسات
      تسلم ايدك

    9. GirLy GirL 88 months ago | reply

      hehe flamingos <3
      9aida 7elwa :)

    10. Mohammed Alnaser 88 months ago | reply

      thanks all for the comments :)

      EMi : well my first assumption was the gender difference yeah, but am not sure, I guess the younger ones are not colored, when they grow older they blossom or something lol

      Espraaaa : no the colors were not edited, this dude is a black & white flamingo :D but as I said maybe cuz it is a young one and you can see the size difference :)

    11. ©Truth Hurts [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

      lovely shot wallah :)
      3sak 3al.Gwa

    12. Miss_Mar 88 months ago | reply

      Great shot mashalah !
      luved it !

    13. Lita V 88 months ago | reply

      very pretty!

    14. Dr. Bahraini ™ 88 months ago | reply

      mashalah .. ya 3ene 3al lens hathy bss;p

    15. ∼*The-FarSaH*∼ 88 months ago | reply

      kef y3ne its a scene that happens 4 couple of months inthis region?? we grow flamingos y3ne? mn mta =p
      sb7aan allah,,they r just so beautiful, excellent catch 5ayal mashala, u got it felwagt elmonasb when both r 2gthr (Y) poor kitty lazm she'll get jealous mn these pwetty things <3

    16. Ageel 88 months ago | reply

      beautiful Pose, very nice..
      do you have these birds in Khobar?

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    17. [HKR] 86 months ago | reply

      great shot

    18. Egy Sioux 86 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Birds of Egypt & the Middle East, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

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