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Mission 4.1   Mysteries on Rhen Var | by |T|itus
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Mission 4.1 Mysteries on Rhen Var

LocationRhen Var


Raix log

The sun go down, and we still searching for jedis. One or two squads already find some jedi's traces. Everything is okay, I just don't have any contact with Rush ..... He's an elite, like all of us, I'm sure he's okay. So, we still follow the ruins of the old base from the Republic. Nothing interesting. But suddently, Arex call us :

" Look ! A lightsaber !"

" Okay, stay ready guys !" The jedis are here, it's sure now. I will call the squads. We will see what we will do"

Log end



24*24, cool, no ?


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Uploaded on May 3, 2012