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4) François Vase, side B: Theseus and the 11 Athenian youths | by Egisto Sani
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4) François Vase, side B: Theseus and the 11 Athenian youths

1st Register: Theseus and the eleven Athenian youths.

The long ship is, probably, a triakonter landing on the beach stern-first. The ship carries back in Athens eleven youths from Crete rescued by Theseus from being killed by the Minotaurus.

The sternpost of the ship is in the shape of two swan's heads; the prow is a boar's head. The mast has been lowered and the crew is standing to debark; they talk excitedly among themselves, one throws his hands in the air in praise, another has jumped overboard and swims to the shore; one, labeled Phaidimos, has debarked and joins the Athenian youths and maidens on land. The helmsman, with two steering oars, turns around to face land and raises his arm in excitement.


2nd Register: The battle between Lapiths and Centaurs.

In he center of the frieze, three centaurs, Hylaios, Agrios and Hasbolos, are pounding Kaineus into the ground, as this was the only way the invulnerable Lapith could be overcome.

(source: Perseus web site)


Attic black-figured volute krater

Potter Ergotimos

Painter Kleitias

About 570-560 BC

From Chiusi, Siena

Florence, Museo Archeologico Etrusco



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Taken on February 14, 2013