Cambodia: Flood victims appeal for further aid in 2012
Bangkok/Phnom Penh: Following devastation floods throughout south east Asia in late 2011, ECHO provided Euro 2.5 million for humanitarian assistance in Cambodia. The assistance consisted mostly of food deliveries and funding for projects to improve water and sanitation in the most affected communities. Despite the emergency assistance provided, many rural communities in Cambodia struggle to recover as the next rice harvest will only be in late 2012 and they lost most of their food stocks, seeds, tools and other valuables in the floods. ECHO experts recently visited the province of Pursat, one of the hardest hit areas in central Cambodia, where a consortium of ECHO partners, including Concern, has been distributing food assistance to those most affected by the floods.
As the projects come to an end, most of the beneficiaries appealed not only for further food aid but for seeds so that they would have a rice harvest at the end of the year and again become self-sufficient.

In the late 2011, southeast Asia was hit by strong monsoon rains and typhoons. Several countries in the region experienced wide-spread flooding. Large parts of Cambodia were flooded especially around the Tonle Sap Lake and along the Mekong river. Communities lost most of their rice harvest, food and seed stocks. Houses and livelihoods were destroyed. The European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) made a regional funding decision of Euro 10 million in October 2011 to support emergency assistance for affected communities in Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines
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