The Worth of Women
Part of Carnegie Hall "La Serenissima". KIT presents the US premiere of "The Worth of Women," adapted from the book by Moderata Fonte, translated by Virginia Cox.

Published in 1600, this remarkable proto-feminist text presents seven women of different ages and experience debating issues of gender equality and the responsibility of husbands and fathers (and brothers and sons and lovers...)

"The Worth of Women" is directed by Jay Stern in collaboration with Laura Caparrotti, composer Erato Kremmida, and lyricist Maggie-Kate Coleman. The 2017 cast includes Carlotta Brentan, Tali Custer Laura Caparrotti, Aileen Lanni, Marta Mondelli, Irene Turri, and Annie Watkins. In 2018, Caterina Nonis substituted Aileen Lanni, in 2019 Cali Gilman substituted Carlotta Brentan.
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