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Cool Toys Pic of the day - Google Recipes | by rosefirerising
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Cool Toys Pic of the day - Google Recipes

Google didn't follow their usual pattern of making a domain for this

new service. You would think you could go to

but it won't work, so don't bother. Nope, singular doesn't work

either. Here's what you have to do.


1. Go to

2. Search some kind of food or ingredient term.

3. On the results page, in the left side column, the word "Recipes"

will show up as a limiting option, with a tiny icon of two wooden

mixing spoons. Click on that.


Alright, now we're ready to roll.


The results list will all be recipes, organized by the most popular

ones for that ingredient, as long as they are from a recipe publisher.

This may include the great food blogs. Here is what is at the bottom

of the first page of results: "These recipes are from sites that have

identified their recipe content. More info for

recipe publishers." In that link, Google encourages recipe

publishers to pay special attention to the structure and metadata for

their sites, with a focus on semantic content, explicitly "Rich

snippets (microdata, microformats, and RDFa)". If pictures are

available, thumbnails will appear beside the link. Nice.


Look down the left bar some more. You'll see "Ingredients", a section

listing foods that go along with what you've already searched, with

additional limits for Cook Time and Calories. Ingredients is the most

engaging. You can either add an ingredient to your selection, or

exclude one, saying essentially, "I don't want this." This is a really

great idea, but it is a little puzzling in the implementation. You

would think it would list the most common ingredients that go with the

main topic, but it isn't that, or not just that. Here's an example.


Search: Oatmeal.

Ingredients? Figs, oats, raisins, walnuts, maple syrup, cranberries,

half and half.

Uh, figs? And aren't oats the same as oatmeal? And why half-and-half

but not milk?


Let's try another.


Search: Hamburger.

Ingredients? Hamburger buns, horseradish, dill, cheddar cheese, onion,

mustard, beets.

Beets? Dill yes as long as it is in pickles. Where are the pickles?

Horseradish, eh, maybe, but BEETS?


Maybe those are too ordinary. Let's try something a little less common.


Search: Tamarind.

Ingredients? Ice, ginger, mint, chicken, onion, tequila, fish sauce.

These are actually a nice set. What happens when I check the Yes box

for "ice"? Cocktails, margaritas, popsicles,


What happened with hamburger and beets? It turns out I am being

provincial. Australians put beets in their hamburger meat mix. And the

oatmeal with figs? Well, it did sound tasty, just was unexpected.


Now here's a surprise. Search one ingredient, check a box on the side.

Then erase the first search term while leaving the box checked, and

search a new term. This is a nice way to mix and match, and explore

your cupboards in some new and creative ways.


Have fun! Eat well, be healthy.

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Taken on February 26, 2011