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    I can't believe I never blogged Nibipedia before! I was sure I had,
    but can't find it in any of my blogs. This surprises me in part
    because Nibipedia is one of those sites I often bring up in
    conversation as an example of an exceptionally sound Good Idea.

    Nibipedia's great idea is fairly simply, at a root level. There is a
    lot of great educational content in YouTube. There is a lot of totally
    uncool content in YouTube. Because of the latter, YouTube is often
    blocked in schools, making it impossible to access the former, which
    is a real shame. So (I hypothesize) someone thought why not get the
    good stuff where teachers and students can get at it safely, without
    the oh-so-distracting other stuff? Better yet, let's mash it up with
    some other online content (like, maybe, Wikipedia?) to make a combined
    multi-sensory learning environment? And thus it started, recruiting
    teachers and librarians and other curators of quality to select the
    Best Stuff.

    See? I told you it was a Good Idea! Little by little they added more
    perks. Not just YouTube, but also TED talks and other excellent
    sources of high quality educational videos. The source for mashed up
    text is usually Wikipedia, and I am still waiting for an alternative
    source to auto-mash with health videos, since, as much as I adore
    Wikipedia, I won't go there for health info. Just way too risky!
    Nibipedia added more functions also! Social networking features,
    forums, comments, discussions ... a full immersive learning
    environment. Very impressive.

    They make it easy to find them, too. They are all over Twitter. @TroyAPeterson and his
    partner in coding Terry
    have been quite active in Twitter since early on. They
    have created several accounts for those who wish to follow specific
    topics in Nibipedia. They did a smart thing by posting not just their
    own content, but retweeting appropriate subject content from other
    streams and from the web. Just a word to the wise, don't follow too
    many of the Nibipedia accounts, since for certain pieces of info, they
    retweet themselves ad nauseum.

    Here are a few of the other topic-specific Twitter accounts associated
    with Nibipedia. These vary dramatically in quality and consistency, so
    please check out the topics that interest you first. Of course, do the
    same with the video collections that interest you, since they reflect
    the personal opinions and preferences of the curator, which may not
    align with what you want or what you want your students to know.

    An online learning/teaching software powered by Youtube and Wikipedia.
    Kid tested, mother approved.

    Cool stuff about technology, internet, web, mobile phone devices,
    robots, electronics, computers, video games, cars, green, weapons,
    policy, photography, Apple

    Tweeting about neuroscience, mental health and anything to do with the brain

    Urban Planning, Architecture, Sustainability, Smart Growth, New Urbanism

    Cool stuff about faith, religion, Christianity, Islam, Judaism,
    Buddhism, Atheism, Agnosticism, philosophy, death, life, universe,
    intelligent design, evolution

    All things organic, education on healthy cooking, eating tastey food,
    food sovereignty

    Environmental Studies grad. Help save the environment! eco chic and
    eco friendly love

    I love beautiful paintings, design, sustainable architecture,
    interesting photography, and education

    Cool stuff about the economy, economic and game theory, federal
    reserve bank, policy, money, internet, tax, green, trade, business,
    politics, congress, resource

    Lover of books, reference librarian, avid cyclist, artist, eco-freak, foodie

    Tweets about health, medicine, disease, healthy living, and
    educational tools from

    Tweets about the earth, its humans, energy, space

    Using Nibipedia for science's noblest cause, world domination!!

    Reaching. Searching. Nibbing

    I love the oceans and I love to nib!

    I love space, I love nibipedia

    I love museums and I love nibipedia.

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