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    1. k_rivera 88 months ago | reply

      Well, jen473, since no one is asking for the removal of the ad here in Bennett's comment thread -- indeed, we are all here choosing to view a photo of the billboard in question-- perhaps your complaint would be better heard in the places where they ARE (in your words) "throwing a fit and demanding" that it be removed.

      Let us know how it goes!

    2. jen473 87 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I wasn't talking about Bennet's stream but, hey, thanks for making assumptions.

    3. jwotis 87 months ago | reply

      Bennett 4 Senate, I think YOU are the problem here. Your picture shows a sign above the billboard that starts with a "Va" and then later, there's a "g". How suggestive. What hypocrisy. You probably just included it so you would get more page views.

      Clever billboard by Target's ad agency- maybe a touch too obvious, though. You really don't want people to notice those things, it's better if it passes beneath the threshold of conscious perception.

    4. jen473 87 months ago | reply

      LOL jahfool, good catch on the Van Wagner sign above the offensive wench!

    5. k_rivera 87 months ago | reply

      No assumptions made at all, merely suggesting that your complaint would be better heard if made to the people whose actions you have a problem with. *shrug*

    6. jen473 87 months ago | reply

      "your complaint would be better heard if made to the people whose actions you have a problem with"


      Bennett says he took this pic in Times Square.

      Lisa Ray lives in Minnesota.

      Amy Jussell lives in California.

      So, hmmm, where could they have possibly seen this billboard???

      Oh, thats right, Amy found it right here in Bennetts photo stream.

    7. k_rivera 87 months ago | reply

      Sorry, jen473, that doesn't make much sense. This photo has been ALL OVER THE PLACE. Those prudish nosy-parkers you have a problem with who are e-mailing and calling Target are finding this photo all over the blogosphere. If your problem is with the actions of those people, then hey, here's a thought, go tell *them*. No one talking here has said they are doing that.

      That was my only point.

      Besides, you said you weren't talking about Bennett's stream.

    8. k_rivera 87 months ago | reply

      Bennett, sorry to have taken up your comments with this ridiculous argument. I won't comment any further! :-)

    9. Bennett 4 Senate 87 months ago | reply

      don't worry about it, I think its pretty hilarious.

    10. jen473 87 months ago | reply

      Amy SAYS on her website that this is where she found it. Maybe you should know what you are talking about before inserting your foot in your mouth.

    11. sepiasmile 87 months ago | reply

      LMAO... i now love this photo. i didn't see it until it was brought to my attention by the blog-gossip.

      i had to put my two cents in on it but then again, i embrace my inner pervert.

    12. beverlee1978 87 months ago | reply

      *** but I'll answer your question, beverlee, despite the rudeness you've chosen to bring to the comments.***

      omg CDR, what rudeness are you talking about?
      nothing rude about asking a question? that aint rude... this is...


    13. ontarioemperor 87 months ago | reply

      The latest update:

      1. There are pictures of this particular ad being taken down from Times Square, while all of the other Target ads remain in place. Perhaps the others were removed a few minutes later, but it is interesting that this one ad was removed with no explanation.

      2. Amy VonWalter said that Target was re-examining its policies regarding which media they will deal with, and which they will not. To date, the results of this re-examination have not been released.

      3. To date, I have been unable to locate any pictures of Robert Ulrich playing snow angel.

    14. sidhe-unseelie 86 months ago | reply

      this is disgusting..
      i'm very pro-sex but i'm very ANTI marketing that distorts self image - this is CLASSIC "HI BULLSEYE ON THE C(_)NT THANKS!"

      nice one, Target. guess what, though you are on my commute home, no more dollars from me for you.

    15. 86 months ago | reply

      First, she certainly does not look 12. She looks more like 20. Second, if she had been wearing a short skirt, I would have raised my eyevrows, but she's wearing full winter clothes and the bull's eye is not even suggestively peeking out. It is invisible. I agree with the lighten up comment.

    16. jen473 86 months ago | reply

      Wow Bennett, almost 15,000 views, you are one popular photographer!!

    17. llcooljessie 82 months ago | reply

      Wait, maybe it's a nod to DaVinci's Vitruvian Man... just throwing it out there.

    18. jwotis 82 months ago | reply

      Sure, Target is simultaneously marketing to the low-brow and the high-brow audience. Of course, us americans might also consider theVitruvian Man obscene, if it was put up on a billboard in Times Square.

    19. edithgingles21 77 months ago | reply

      hey you know people are really starting to make a big deal about adds these days. I think people need to lighten up. I mean if this was walmart or something else it wouldn't even be an issue. Just because their logo is a Bullseye it is a big deal. Grow up people.

    20. tenglish 77 months ago | reply

      ok, so i just took it upon myself (since none of you blogtwats were going to) to have a wank to this picture. thanks to bennett's upload i was able to jizz over AT LEAST 91.4% of the original picture. take note that i jizzed directly upon my computer screen so that i was able to measure the genuine area of which i had jizzed. it seems to me (if i calculated correctly) that i was able to send my jizz past 24.3% of the comments posted here within 3 minutes by holding the 'down arrow' continuously. i should think that together this evidence suggests that the source material was intended to be 'sexy' and the after comments completely 'unsexy'.

      i also calculated that i don't give a shit about any of you guys because you'll never come within 3 feet of my toothbrush in the next 100 years.

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