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TAG GAME: Which disney princess are ye? | by TwinTipFeltTip
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TAG GAME: Which disney princess are ye?

I got 3 for Aurora and 3 for Rapunzel, resulting in a tie! love them both, but Aurora is my favorite!


Snow White

Likes to sing .

Has a high sqeaky voice

Been in a coma

Takes walks

Has a hateful mother =2



Does lots of chores

Has a stepmother

Talks to animals

Does what she's told

Shy. =1



Sings a lot.

Humors people.

Hardly gets mentioned

Looks good in anything

Dies =3



Wants something she doesn't have.

Lost for words

Falls in love with the first man she meets

Has a good voice

Has a kid =2



Likes reading

Takes long walks

If often starred at in wonderment.

Very brave

Wants adventure. =1



Is expected to do things

Never left her home

Gets into a trouble.

Speaks for herself

Wears the same style =1



Loves the outdoors.

Paddles in boats a lot.

Stands up for people

Speaks to animals

Sometimes frowned upon. =0



Tries to please everyone

Uses weapons.

Gets mistaken for a man

Horrible at being what she's expected of.

Saves more then one persons life =0



Cooks really well

Doesn't put up with people's crap.

Is a great friend

Speaks the truth.

Says they can't dance but we all know you can. =1



Respects her elders (for the most part)

Follows her dreams

Very artsy.

Has super long hair.

Very socail (when she gets the chance) =3


Doesn't want to get married to someone she doesn't love.

Doesn't want to do what she's told, and when she finally does it she makes sure everyone knows she not enjoying it.

Plays outdoors a LOT.


Tried to mend things and make them right =0


3 faves
Taken on June 30, 2012