Shrove Tuesday

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    This is cheating, really, since the idea behind pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, the start of Lent, is that they're supposed to be meagre food, as a start to the next 40 days... self-denial, and all that. However, the vodka is good, but the meat is poor (the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak)... so these are savoury pancakes, chicken in a mushroom and cream sauce, dusted with Parmesan and lightly baked.
    Urp. :-)

    1. ndrwfgg 99 months ago | reply

      Marg -see caption now I've had time to finish typing it LOL!

    2. ndrwfgg 99 months ago | reply

      Marg - oh, if "crepes" are what you get from 4oz plain flour, a little oil, one egg, seasoning, about a half-pint of milk,all well whisked together, and then used to make half-a-dozen thin fried pancakes, yes, these are crepes. Use just a hint less milk, ladle into the cups of a 12-hole muffin tray that have been pre-heated in a hot oven with a scant teaspoon of oil in each, bake for about 15-20 min until crispy on top and you have honest-to-God Yorkshire Puddings. yes, it's that easy!

    3. makeupanid 99 months ago | reply

      Hmmmmm I love crepes got my first crepe maker twenty-seven years ago with a cookbook which I think I made every recipe in the book. But chicken ones remain my favourite! and yeah sorry I didn't give you time to finish typing, lol

    4. ndrwfgg 99 months ago | reply

      m - s'ok >grin< Traditionally you'd have these on Shrove Tuesday with just lemon or orange juice and a sprinkle of sugar, but... I have a thin non-stick aluminium frying pan and a thick French (Le Creuset) cast iron one which are reserved for pancakes and omelettes only so that they never stick.

    5. rainbow11 :) 99 months ago | reply

      hmmm, you give me an idea for what I will cook next day!

    6. Dr Reelgood 99 months ago | reply

      moderation in everything, right?

    7. ndrwfgg 99 months ago | reply

      Renate - enjoy! Saute mushrooms and a little bacon/pancetta in 50:50 olive oil and butter until just turning brown, add flour and cook briefly, add enough chicken stock to make a thin sauce (I cheat and use a Knorr cube), season with black pepper, maybe add a slosh of dry sherry or similar, put in cooked chicken in 1cm pieces, cook gently with the lid off (to let it reduce) while you make the pancakes. Fill the pancakes with the mixture (use a slotted spoon to let most of the sauce run off), arrange in a baking dish, pour the rest of the sauce around them, dust with grated Parmesan and give them 10-15 minutes in a preheated 200C oven...

      DrR - as my late mother-in-law used to say: "Moderation in all things. Including moderation!"

    8. makeupanid 99 months ago | reply

      am very sad today andy-have to throw out my Le Creuset frying pan that I bought in a set when I moved out of my parents house, it's look an old friend! (okay I know it's just a pan but it was a Le Creuset!)

    9. ndrwfgg 99 months ago | reply

      m - awww!! >sympathy< I've had to throw one piece of Le Creuset away so far too - the enamel wore out.
      Have some wine with dinner this evening and drink to Absent Friends!

    10. Mark Hiser 99 months ago | reply

      OK, now I am really hungry!! It sounds like a wonderful recipe. You should start posting the resipes with these amazing food photos, though my cooking never looks as good as yours does!...I just saw the recipe above

    11. ndrwfgg 99 months ago | reply

      Mark - OK, I'll try to remember to post recipes where they're not too lengthy (I don't do lengthy ones anyway LOL). Thanks for the compliment!

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