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Yoshiwara Gate, Tokyo

In Edo Period Tokyo - this was the only way in to the gated Yoshiwara Pleasure Quarters. Here once stood the entry to the 'Floating World' - where famous Ukiyo-e artists like Hiroshige ,Kunisada, & Hokusai got inspiration for their woodblock masterpieces. Today it is but a shadow of it's former self - due to the Kanto Earthquake in the 1920's & firebombing during WW2. This is a place that you won't see on tourist maps.

  • motomotoyanyan 9y

    Nice Pic!!! Thanx!!
  • Fabian Reichert 7y

    Amazing picture!
    I’m the admin of the Group “Cityviews”.
    I like your picture! Please add your picture and join our group, if you like! ;)
    It would be awesome 
    Fabian Reichert
  • lazysupper 6y

    This is now Gotanda, yes?
    Would've been cool to see back in the day.
    Ishiguro's "An Artist of the Floating World"... if you haven't read it yet, you should. It can tak you there! :)

    BTW, It looks like you're in Tokyo. Why don't you get in on the "Guess Where Tokyo" group.
    Tokyo Tower
  • Masahiko Yoshida 5y

    It is the neighborhood where I live in. It is favorite composition.
  • Miggus 5y

    that looks so fascinating
  • tatlntokyo 5y

    Now that I've seen this, it is really scary how immaculate things in Japan look.
  • Gregory Cope 2y

    Thanks, interesting to know about the history and to see what it looks like today..
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