• retard VIP
  • nasty grandma
  • hooker?
  • driving an acura
  • Blech
  • my favorite one
  • nerd
  • it was definitely an XXL SUV
  • psychic powers! I took this one in early 2004, before they won the series. this guy must be so psyched.
  • must fly to Rome a lot
  • this person also has GOBEEP2 parked next door
  • i always think this one says "don't hump me"
  • NRA member
  • SEXKITY had a handicap placard
  • princess BB. how sweet. BLECH.
  • I think this was some big jalopy car. Can't really remember.
  • straight san diego? straight sad? straight sod?
  • this guy has since purchased a different car, but kept the plates. it always kind of grosses me out.
  • she traded in a mule for a lexus
  • don't even get me started on doulas
  • everyone's so damn perky!
  • annoying
  • the doctors and lawyers like to brag
  • but I bought a BMW anyway?
  • Gsgzzlr?
  • yet another lawyer
  • you're a lawyer? so is that guy, 5 squares over and 1 row up!
  • baseball or basketball??
  • another doctor
  • Could also be a lawyer; no offense lawyers - *lovey*
  • witch?
  • Was a porche in Seattle
    DUI MONY --- Def a scumbag lawyer - Dugfresh
  • Would be cool to see 1fwrhmr. - Dugfresh
  • actually there are many linuxes, (linuxii?), too many to upkeep which is why the bsd's are much better. ok i'm a nerd. - fbz_
  • bandwth. i can't live wtht it. - fbz_
  • I didn't know Mr. Burns lived in New York... - IW4
  • Or a lawyer hater? - Generic user here
  • Kelly Blue [Book?] - Generic user here
  • Or avoid that person - Generic user here
  • I saw this car featured in Car and Driver magazine a few months ago
  • Nosy Grandma? Makes more sense :P - Joshua Riley Simmons
  • Actually, I think it refers to the color of the car... - sonogod
  • They could have at least used a 'C.' - yellowdogparty

my 64 best vanity plate photos

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In no particular order.

All of these (except for 2 of them) were taken in Los Angeles.

A few more and I will have enough to make it 81. I think all I have to do is spend 5 minutes in the Westside Pavilion parking structure.

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  1. QUΔΠ ΠGUΨΣΠ 100 months ago | reply

    Good investigative work

  2. racingsquirrel 100 months ago | reply

    you are so twisted... I love it.

  3. digitalshay 100 months ago | reply

    we are not worthy :)usually i only speak for myself...but i think that you have taken the flickr thing to a whole new level...i aspire to be you one day neener :)

  4. soleilani 100 months ago | reply

    Only a few of my friends have used doulas, but the ones who did were without exception completely bonkers throughout their pregnancies. I blame the hormones. I suppose I should mention one is an endocrinologist.

  5. Dugfresh 100 months ago | reply

    Great composite.

  6. angeluna 100 months ago | reply

    LOVE this - you rock!

  7. PortugePunk 99 months ago | reply

    Haha! I thought mine might be in here, but it's not. You'll have to find me, now!

  8. Edson Martins 83 months ago | reply

    Nice and hilarious colection!

  9. Lord Str8stroke 73 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Plaparazzi, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  10. Jobe Roco 73 months ago | reply

    Nicely done. This belongs in the traffic stalker hall of fame!

    Seen in Plaparazzi (?)

  11. .jerome.the.analog. 64 months ago | reply

    These people just let you shoot their plates??

  12. Malingering 64 months ago | reply

    Oddly, those plates were out in public and seen by hundreds, if not thousands of people per day.

  13. Tequila&Donuts 64 months ago | reply

    Isn't the whole point of a vanity plate that people will see the plate and remember it? I think you're doing a service for these people - promoting their vanity.

  14. wskrz 64 months ago | reply

    It's amazing what you can do when people aren't standing next to their cars all day.

    Great. Next thing you know, license plates are going to be complaining that they don't have any privacy.

  15. jena ardell 60 months ago | reply

    great finds. seems like EVERYONE in CA has vanity plates!!

  16. shawnblog 58 months ago | reply

    These are great!

    Check out vanityplat.es

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