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maybe it's better i work weekends | by Malingering
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maybe it's better i work weekends

*warning: pathetic self-pitying rant to ensue. do not read any further as i am just trying to blow off steam*


I work almost every weekend. About once a month I get a weekend off, which is sometimes overwhelming because I don't really know what to do with myself. But I try to plan things to do to stay occupied (this is compounded by the fact that baseball has ended and basketball hasn't started). But for some reason this weekend was just all wrong. It started with me getting some bad (but not unexpected) news which absolutely crushed me, and then getting a horrible headache which has persisted all weekend despite ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, heat, ice, imitrex, etc. Then I make the mistake of checking my bills only to be reminded I am over $100,000 in debt, and then I find out I'll probably be all alone on Halloween which is not fun. So I figure I will go for a walk to cool off, and I wear my brand new shoes because hey, wearing new things should make me feel better. Well 3 miles into the walk my heels start stinging and I discover the blisters (pictured above). But then of course I'm 3 miles from my car, so I go limping back. I think I will make myself feel better by taking photos but 5 minutes into it my camera battery dies. Then I tell myself "it will be okay, it's always the same ol' people walking by, you won't miss anything," only to encounter (within the span of 5 minutes) a chick in purple platform snakeskin thigh high boots and a mini skirt (at the beach), a gang of four or five 12 year olds dressed in ultra mini denim skirts and crop tops, about 4 visible things, a cumulative 4 inches of asscrack, and then (most importantly) Amir in his brand spankin' new American flag speedo. Now I'm really irritated and my head is aching and my heels are stinging so I decide to stop by my friend's place for some moral support, but she says she has to go to work, so I give up and decide to come home. At this point I am bursting with self-pity and I realize that maybe my life is better when I am not left to my own devices. I should just work every weekend and not have any contact with the outside world.


I know, at least I am healthy and I have a nice cat, so I should really get things into perspective.

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Taken on October 29, 2006