Behind the asian magenta dreads mini skirt gold bag mukluk chick you will see the "i spent $40 for a stupid frog made out of rocks painted with nail polish" guy.

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  1. estacey 107 months ago | reply

    ain't that a stupid turtle made of rocks?

  2. The Unbeliever 107 months ago | reply

    While her outfit is not the best, it seems to have a theme. Punk/Goth/Rocker kind of thing. But then the shoes. Why the shoes?

  3. TheDamnMushroom 107 months ago | reply

    It's stupid, it's made of rock, and it's amphibious... okay, not really.

  4. cmrowell 107 months ago | reply

    To clear up the confusion, at left is a stupid turtle, at right a stupid frog. They both appear to be cheaply made, badly painted, and have rocks stuck on their backs. At least with the turtle the rocks somewhat mimic the shell.

  5. Kocham cie raparigos! [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

    She must be from Alaska. I mean, who the heck wears winter boots with a mini, thats dumb.

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