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Tomatoes in Space | by The Open Wall (On/Off for a while)
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Tomatoes in Space

I Got Your Back.


Someone is at the door , but I am not dressed. It is an old friend, the best kind to invite into my nest. I reach for the soap, and think, it’s too warm to move. The door opens slightly, he is there, someone from my past, from way back, someone too kind, too gentle for their own good. He talks, and I hear words, but they are harsh and sarcastic, it’s a puzzle – someone being what they are not, and it isn’t really nice.


What have I done to bring this out in him, I wonder. Then he is gone, I turn over, there is a child next to me, submerged, under my arm.


I jump out and administer mouth to mouth, panic, then relief. She jumps up, smiles, and is on her way to go and play – I stare wistfully at the bath, my child, running, playing, and I feel alone, sitting there on the floor.


The dreamer awakes next to me, she smiles.


“Hi you”, she says, “I am puzzled by myself”.


The mist is rolling across the field, the ground is filled with autumn leaves, and we are snuggled under blankets that follow us to the couch. Mugs and steam, warm in the hand – comfort and peace – legs tucked underneath.


She relates the dream.


“What do you think?”.


“Everyone in my dream is me” she says, “and everyone I meet is a symbol of my own being, My friend has become harsh, bitter, I think it’s me, straying from my own idea of me. I am languishing in the bath – it’s comfortable, but it’s is killing the child in me”.


Silence .....


My hand find’s it’s way to hers. They lock and squeeze.


She waits, draws a breath and says, “Have I become a bad person?”


I look into her eyes, I see no bad, I see only what is deep inside and something inside me says “Your dream is your note to self, you offer yourself paths and consequence”.


Knowing when to shut-up is a gift many people have, but not me. “When I look at you, I see strength and weakness, but I see no bad. I see the little girl and the adult, and I don’t mind which one comes out to play – but when they wonder off, I think we lose our way.


She stood up, went to the cupboard and appeared with a pair of roller skates “common”, she said “it’s time to play”.


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It's good to dream :-)


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Taken sometime in 2017