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Flickr Top 50, Top US & Cover Photo 2016 (Fetch - Sunset)



Did you love me before we met, did you know me somehow

Had you felt me, sensed me, a ghost in your life

And the first time you saw me, did you know there and then

That we would be bound forever, lover and friend


Catch Me, Chase Me, Promise I'll Fall


I still remember, how you came to my door

All shivered and shaking, naked in truth

The love you offered, I couldn't accept

Now I Live, love and laugh, in endless regret


Catch Me, Chase Me, Promise I'll Fall


You made me laugh, you make me cry

You make me warm inside, now I can live, not die

With you in my heart, I can write and create

You opened the wall, I owe you all


Catch Me, Chase Me, Told You I'd Fall


From ""The Book That Dreams"


© G P F for All images and text, please do not use without my express permission.


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A big thanks to everyone for the support, encouragement and mostly for the friendship and inspiration !!!


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Taken sometime in 2016