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The Market (LCC Merchant's Guild Build J2)

The next day Thomas and his uncle Gunnar set off early for the town market. Arriving at the town gate just as dawn was breaking, the only other people up were the town watch. Gunnar knew them well and was invited into the guard house to chat to the head watchman. He came out a few minutes later and told Thomas to lay out his stall just opposite the guardhouse. ‘It’s a good spot. You’ll get all the passing trade as people come in and out the town’ he said to Thomas. His voice then dropped to a whisper ‘Plus the Town Guild can be a bit funny with newcomers in this town, so I’d like to stay near the exit.’


Thomas laid out his wares and cut up some samples if the food to hand round. ‘Some of these foods will be a bit exotic to these northern folk, so give them a taste and they’ll know what they’re missing.’ Thomas explained to his uncle. Uncle Gunnar chuckled his approval. ‘You’re quite the salesman Thomas.’


Pretty soon the town was coming to life and Thomas had soon generated considerable interest around his stall. Before long, people where handing over their money and the coffers had started to fill.


By mid morning Thomas had done well and still had a good crowd queued up. His Uncle leaned over to Thomas and spoke quietly in his ear. ‘You’re doing great Thomas, but we may have some trouble. You see that man in red over by the Guardroom? He’s the Head of the Town Guild and he’s taking a considerable interest in you. ‘

Thomas glanced over just in time to see the man turn and head into the guardroom. ‘I think I’ll just go and check what’s happening’ said Gunnar and headed over to the guardroom himself.


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