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ObamaCare is 666 Chains We Can Believe In

Americans have the choice of Obama's Blue Pill of Blissful Ignorance or the Red Pill of Painful Reality.


With ObamaCare, your obedience to Big Brother Obama is mandatory...


Health Link is an AD for VeriChip's implantable Patient Identification Microchip. Sec 1173a of H.R. 3200 of Obamacare clearly states that the determination of an individual’s financial responsibility and whether the individual is eligible for a specific service "may include a machine-readable health plan beneficiary identification card;"


The key phrase, may include leaves the door wide open to other possibilities like VeriChip's Health Link.


For people with chronic conditions and poor compliance to medication, Proteus Biomedical Inc. has created a digestible microchip embedded in prescription pills which is activated by stomach fluids. The internal Pill Spy sends a signal to a microelectronic receiver either in a small skin patch or implanted under the skin on your shoulder. The microelectronic receiver transmits a wireless signal to Big Brother doctors monitoring your healthcare.


Ironically, many companies are using wireless technology to create a health-care system to keep people healthier for less which Big Brother Obama was allegedly seeking to achieve through legislation yet, businesses like Denny's has added a 5% surcharge and reduced employees' hours to make Obamacare affordable.


Obamacare taxes equals Obamacare layoffs: 800,000 jobs at risk as we head Forward to the Fiscal Cliff of Taxmageddon.

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Taken on November 15, 2012