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Barry 'Conehead' Obama is having trouble selling his Obamacare Kool-aid

According to John McAfee, Hackers will empty the Bank Accounts of Obamacare Enrollees.


According to CNBC, 99% of Obamacare applications Fail


Under Obamacare, insurance premiums will double for men and increase 62 precent for women on average. In some cases, insurance premiums will triple for 30-year-old participants.


According to Daily Briefing, an estimated 20,667 Americans have enrolled in Obamacare out of 122,695 applications, 16.8 percent in 15 states over the past 10 days.


According to Digital Trends, Obamacare 404 costs U.s. $634 million to fuel the ‪#Obamacare‬ train wreck.


According to the analysis by the U.S. Senate Budget Committee, Obamacare will cost American taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the next 10 years.


For more information about Obamacare, please visit the following links…


‪The Government Shutdown because‬ Obamacare is the Root of our Problem.

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Obamacare Barack Shit

The Socialist Man of Steal

ObamaCare is 666 Chains We Can Believe In

ObomneyCare: Which Liberal said the above quotes?

What do ClintonCare, Romneycare, and Obamacare have in Common?


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Taken on October 12, 2013