My Arch Linux setup with Gnome-Shell

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    I've used two instances of Docky, 3 conky scripts, each for displaying the time (analog and digital clock), system information and my ToDo list. The semi-circular patterns are made using lua widgets.
    The Gnome-Shell theme is Flat-Black-Squares and the icon theme is Faience-Azur.

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    1. snovik 35 months ago | reply

      How can I have it?!

    2. Froyo42 35 months ago | reply

      Dude. Brilliant stuff. Is it GNOME 3 or 3.4 ?

    3. Paanini_N 35 months ago | reply

      Hey thanks a lot!

      It's GNOME 3.4 on Arch Linux. If you want links to the wallpaper, gnome-shell theme and the conky scripts, check out this post on Lifehacker

    4. Chris R 35 months ago | reply

      The conky script link is broken, sadly.

      [edit] By which I mean the link to the file ( claims that the file is missing.

    5. JustinBar 35 months ago | reply

      Awesome theme! What are the fonts?

    6. netth0 35 months ago | reply

      simplyyy awesoomeee!!!

    7. faded041 35 months ago | reply

      This looks amazing sorry to ask but how exactly is this done?

    8. JustinBar 35 months ago | reply

      As he already said: Lifehacker

      Still would love to know the font though.

    9. Paanini_N 35 months ago | reply

      The file isn't missing, it's just a preview that's broken, as Minus shows previews only for images. Click on the image that says 'This file is missing or unavailable' and you'll be able to download the .zip file containing the scripts.

      Oh and the font is called Comfortaa.

      EDIT : Here's a direct link to the file :

    10. namwons2 35 months ago | reply

      Any chance of you removing the battery functions. I suck at coding and attempted it and got it all jacked up. I love the gauges. Great work.

    11. Paanini_N 35 months ago | reply

      Edit the widgets.lua file and see the section called 'Battery'. Comment it out if you don't want to use it. This script is called by 'conky2' so you'll have to remove the relevant portions there as well. I didn't write these scripts from scratch, I just modified them to my liking. I'm no good at coding either!

    12. namwons2 35 months ago | reply

      LOL ok thanks. I did do that but then I broke the nice curve where the battery was I will keep hacking on it.

    13. faded041 35 months ago | reply

      oh man i have no idea when it comes to coding, any tips from anyone out there? Or youtube videos to help get me started. This whole custom desktop stuff i would love to know. Please and thank you!

    14. digitalsonix 35 months ago | reply

      The link not working.. saying file doesnt exist

    15. IvanBliminse 35 months ago | reply

      This is incredibly awesome. Good job! I must ask, what is your battery life using arch with gnome shell? Mine is about 2 and a half hours on a battery that will last 4 and a half in win 7. I run arch on my desktop and that is the only thing holding me back from putting it on my laptop. Any suggestions on extending battery life?

    16. Kaidok99 35 months ago | reply

      Has anyone been able to download the Conky Scripts archive?

    17. Ravi Murthy 32 months ago | reply

      Hi Panini,
      YOur "Twillight Desktop" is awesome and I was trying to recreate it on my laptop.
      I was able to download the scripts & lua files, but when I execute it, I get only the text clock.
      The rings on the right side & the analog clock do not come.
      What I did was to copy the file "my" in your archive to my ./conkyrc. That works, but only the text clock comes ( you load clock.lua in his file)

      I then tried to copy the contents of "conky2" to my .conkyrc file, but that does not work. from what I could see, you are loading widgets.lua in this file.
      I of course, changed any paths as necessary and installed any fonts as needed. Still, I get only the text clock. No rings or analog clock

      Any help would be highly appreciated.
      Would it be possible, for example, to share your .conkyrc file ?

      THanks and Regards,

    18. ~Enjoy the life~ 28 months ago | reply

      can someone tell the step???

    19. DASPRiD 4 months ago | reply

      Oh look, they used your screenshot on a product ;)

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