Good Friday

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    Yes, a build...It's been a while. This was a very quick one (It only took about 20 minutes) and It's not the best, but I wanted to do something for Good Friday, so here ya go! :)

    That's all for now...

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    1. Finny's Customs 30 months ago | reply

      Tbh this year's Good Friday was totally forgotten. I think we all no why. *Person of Interest starts playing*

    2. Vasilije Injac 30 months ago | reply

      nice build Justin!
      rubber band idea is perfect, it looks tight and uncomfortable, as it should.

    3. alant43 30 months ago | reply

      Great shot

    4. Henry. W 30 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is moving!
      Can you please build more?

    5. ekjohnson1 30 months ago | reply

      looks great! Lol I used the same head and hair for Jesus! Great minds think alike!

    6. AnimatorUnknown 30 months ago | reply

      A MOC! Great work man!

    7. b_m_4 30 months ago | reply

      Great work!

    8. ScotNick1 30 months ago | reply

      Great moc, I wish I had the pieces to build something like this! I really appreciate such great work that reminds us of other things in life as well!

    9. Trev Grant 30 months ago | reply

      Well done indeed!

      A real reminder of what Easter is really about.

      Enjoy the holiday.

    10. Bushido Bricks 30 months ago | reply

      Happy Easter. Wait its easter right?

    11. KTV/Studio282 30 months ago | reply

      Why are all these posts of Jesus remind me of "Life of Brian"
      I guess I'm always looking on the bright side of life.

    12. Lesgo LEGO Foto! 30 months ago | reply

      A nice festive shot!

    13. JLM Bricks 30 months ago | reply

      -Fury- John Vasilije Injac alant43 Henry. W ekjohnson1 AnimatorUnknown Billy ~Busan pocket Legocreator75 ScotNick1 Trev Grant Jalexanderhutchins Lesgo LEGO Movie Thank you, everyone!
      Finny's Customs Haha, yeah. :P
      Henry. W I may try and build occasionally. And it would only be small stuff like this.
      ekjohnson1 Hmm, interesting. ;)
      Bushido Bricks Yup.
      KTV/Studio282 I guess so! :)

    14. H. Vector 30 months ago | reply

      Thing is, even if Jesus was mortal, he still had to put up with all this bullcrap in the name of changing the world, or at least Israel. He knows that not a lot of people will do as he says and does, even if he's right (and he is, as hard as his rhetoric is) and those who would try would do it conditionally. Heck, even his brother, cousins, and his friends (plus those he hired) had to have massive trust and no reservations to be able to not only stick up to the most bitter of ends but to continue his legacy, and even they had trouble being consistent.

      Just think: if Jesus--not "somebody like Jesus", but actual Jesus, came up to you as you're laying back on a park bench building and says to you: "You're hired, and your job is to help me change the world and make it better as My Father sees it fit", and you didn't know who he is, would you accept it even if you know that such a job would pay unlike any other job in the world? You'll be away from your family, and all the haters...

      Jesus' Crew (him, the Apostles, the 72 others he hired, plus other ones the Bible didn't mention) wouldn't last a month doing what they did in today's world, but at the same time, if there's anyone who can erase bullcrap from this world in three years, it's them.

      I'm a Roman Catholic like over 80% of Filipinos, and believe that Jesus is legitimate in his claims and has saved me a spot in Heaven, and that the good I do comes not out of impressing him, but because I want to emulate him as much as he can. I'm not too sad about what others think of the whole thing, but they have to realize that such a man, god or not, will never come again. Because nobody will be man enough to do all that he did and take all that he received the way he did it.

    15. EP Patriot 30 months ago | reply

      Barely saw this. Beatiful

    16. JLM Bricks 30 months ago | reply

      M. Joseph Argoso Couldn't agree more.
      Ryan G Thank you! :)

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