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Self portrait - Candy is dandy! | by MattysFlicks
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Self portrait - Candy is dandy!

This a composite image/photo illustration using an image I shot with my head in some leftover Halloween candy and a few tiny pieces of tooth decay that I appropriated from a few dentistry images. I came up with the idea the other day while browsing some portrait groups after posting my last self portrait in them. I must have seen the same head buried in the leaves photo done by at least 30 different people while I was browsing. So this is my take on the head buried in the leaves concept. Without a doubt it's the worst image I have ever created and as I was editing the image I couldn't stop thinking and talking about how incredibly bad it was, so I consider that a success within itself. :))



To create my shot I used a piece of foam core poster board, I cut a head sized hole out of the middle and placed it straddling the seats of two chairs. And then covered the poster board with 10-15 lbs of assorted candy. I set up my tripod precariously straddling a table and some stools. Framed the shot and used the Twix bar located near my eye as a focus dummy. I closed all the curtains and turned off the lights to minimize any specular reflections/highlights on the candy wrappers. I hit the timer and and shimmied under the poster board and then basically did a sit up to get my head through the hole while making a ridiculous, excited and wide eyed facial expression.



For lighting I used a Minolta 4000af bounced off a shoot through umbrella located to the top right of the subject and directed downwards at a 45 degree angle. And I used a Yongnuo yn-560ii located a few feet to the bottom left of the subject and bounced off the ceiling as a fill light. The strobes were triggered with a PT-04 trigger/receiver set.

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Uploaded on November 4, 2015