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Self portrait - Me and my right hand man | by MattysFlicks
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Self portrait - Me and my right hand man

Winners always say “no” to drugs kids. I personally wouldn't recommend that anyone should do any type of drugs; illicit, prescription or otherwise unless it's recommended they do so by their physician. This is a composite image / photo illustration of me and my right hand man Hansel. Hansel is a bad influence on me and I swear I didn't inhale. I saw this image in my head and thought it looked pretty amazing/ humorous so I decided to make it. I was going make everything look like more of a caricature, but figured it looked hyper-realistic enough already.


I made this image using six exposures, two exposures of me holding a vacuum cleaner tube, one of me wearing a name tag, one of me coughing out cigarette smoke. one of my hand holding a cigarette and one of my hand holding a giant joint that I fashioned out of tissue paper and lawn clippings. All exposures were shot at f8 using a Helios 44-3 attached to my Pentax k-30. Then everything was taken into photoshop cs6 for manipulation and processing.


To light the subjects (bodies) I used a yongnuo 460ii in a 36x24 inch softbox to the rear right of the subject at a 45 degree angle and a yongnuo 560ii in a 36x24 inch softbox to the rear left of the subject at a 45 degree angle. I used a Minolta 4000af behind a 33” white shoot through umbrella to the front right of the camera. For the close up of the hand holding the doobie I used the identical setup with everything moved in a few feet towards the subject. To light the smoke photos I used a bare yn-560ii at 90 degrees to the subject with a piece of construction paper attached to the head of the strobe to stop the light from hitting the background. All strobes were triggered with PT-04 trigger/receivers.

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Taken on June 7, 2014