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G / Design Walk 2010 / Beauty vs. Ugliness

How can we define beauty and ugliness?

Umberto Eco in his book ‘The History of Beauty’ says that the one who is thirsty cannot appreciate the beauty of the fountain, so in a way he says that beauty and ugliness are a matter of circumstances. He wonders if somebody who doesn’t eat sweets would ever admire a cake in a patisserie window.


Studio G examine (investigate) a series of questions: do beauty and ugliness depend on trends? how bounded is this ? Could we prefer something ugly? And if we choose the ugly does this become beautiful automatically? The visitor is challenged to make a decision, like all of us do everyday, to put ordinary objects into the category of beauty or ugliness. He or she has to make his statement, and agree or disagree with other visitors as well.




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Taken on February 6, 2010