2012 Disney Store Singing Princess Dolls - Belle Deboxed - Lifting Skirt - Midrange Front View

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    Singing Belle Doll - 17'' H
    Deboxed. Here Belle is lifting her skirt up to show off her legs and yellow high heeled shoes (that are identical to singing Snow White's). She has been removed from the box, and completely freed of all packaging restraints. She is photographed from various angles while standing. Even though she is fairly stable free standing on a hard flat surface, she is supported by a doll stand (not included with the doll) so I didn't have to worry about her accidently tipping over while trying to pose her.

    2012 Disney Store Singing Princess Dolls - First Look
    US Release Online and In Stores - July 30, 2012
    Price $29.50 US, 17'' High

    Newly designed faces, hair styles and outfits. In general, the faces follow the design of the 2012 Classic 12'' Princess Dolls. They are more youthful looking, and closer in look to the movie character. Some of the dolls' hair has been restyled to be in a shorter, curlier style, from being long and straight. Finally their outfits include lots of glitter, as opposed to the glitter free outfits of last year's models. And for the first time, singing Ariel is wearing a dress, as opposed to a mermaid tail and bikini top.

    Dolls from my personal collection are photographed boxed, during the unboxing, and finally fully deboxed. They are also posed to other comparible Disney Princess dolls.

    1. PhillipDisney 57 months ago | reply

      Everyone is wearing Snow White's shoes! ;-]

    2. drj1828 57 months ago | reply

      PhillipDisney LOL. Yes, they are. I imagine that it would cause quite a stir at a red carpet event. "Look at those Disney Princesses! They are all wearing exactly the same shoes!" - Hollywood Reporter. "Well, it wasn't my idea!" says Snow White.

    3. PhillipDisney 57 months ago | reply

      drj1828 LOL :D
      Are you going to get all the new singing dolls? I'm looking forward to see more pictures of the new singing Aurora.

    4. drj1828 57 months ago | reply

      PhillipDisney Yes, I have all the new singing dolls. In fact, I will do Aurora next. Writing reviews is really hard work. My brain needs a rest, so I'll finish my reviews of the 17'' Belle dolls later, and instead post photos of singing Aurora.

    5. SilverCinderella [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      drj1828 Maybe Tiana will have those leaf shoes like the LE only without flowers?

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