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Cinderella Plush Wedding Doll - 21'' - Full Front View #1

Cinderella and Other Princess Plush Purchases - July 19, 2012


Photo shoot of my Disney Store Cinderella Plush Wedding Doll. She is 21'' tall and has a plush body with soft fill. She is wearing a full length white satin sleeveless wedding gown whose bodice is sewn onto her body, with a white satin overskirt with blue and silver trim, and over the center panel a light blue sheer overskirt. At her waist she has a large white satin bow surrounding a blue satin rose. She has sewn on white satin gloves and white satin shoes, but her sewn on white panties are plush. Her blonde hair is a solid plush bun, and instead of her usual blue headband, she is wearing a full length light blue tulle veil that is thin and very stretchy. Her face has embroidered features, with blue eyes and pink lips. She is well made and very pretty, and a good buy at 2 for $30, and even better with the additional 25% off coupon.


With a 25% off Disney Store coupon, that is good until Sunday both online and in store, I went to my local Disney Store and bought a bunch of newly released Cinderella related plush dolls. I also bought mini plush Aurora and Cinderella dolls. All of these dolls were paired with similar dolls to take advantage of 2 for $30 for medium plush, and 2 for $15 for mini plush. Here's the full list of the dolls:


Medium Plush ($19.50, 2 for $30)

Cinderella Lucifer Plush Toy -- 17'' L

Cinderella Coach Horse Plush Toy -- 14'' L

Plush Wedding Cinderella Doll -- 21'' H

Cinderella Plush Prince Charming Doll -- 21'' H

Mini Bean Bag Plush ($9.50, 2 for $15)

Mini Cinderella Plush Doll -- 12'' H

Mini Aurora Plush Doll -- 11'' H


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Taken on July 21, 2012