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Reversible Brave Plush Toy - 13'' H - Triplet Cub Form - Rear View

The Reversible Brave Plush Toy - 13'' H is a depiction of one of the triplets cubs and Princes from the upcoming Disney/Pixar animated movie Brave. It sells for $19.50, or 2 for $30. It was released on May 14, 2012 in the US and Canada, both online and in stores.


This doll can transform from being a bear cub to being one of the triplet Princes, with kilt and boots. There is a velcro closure in the back that allows for the plush toy to be turned inside out, then closed back up neatly. Since the doll is reversible, their arms and legs are not fully formed. In the bear cub form, the arms are sewn into the body, the legs are merely stumps at the bottom of the body, so he cannot stand on his own. In the Prince form, he has a full head of orange velvet hair formed into large curls, embroidered face with a smirking grin, arms that are sewn to the body, a belted kilt and brown boots. He has very short, skimpily stuffed legs, but his feet are well stuffed, and can be turned to the sides or to the front.


It is great fun to reverse the doll. It was surprisingly easy to figure out how to stuff one side of the doll inside the other, and close up the back neatly. It is very well made, and quite soft and cuddly, and both the cub and the Prince sides are very cute.

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Taken on May 14, 2012