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Kosuke - Client Results | by RippedBodyjp
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Kosuke - Client Results

This is one of Ken's Japanese clients. It gives me great pleasure to share this with you because this has been a long time coming. I'm quite anal about things, to put it mildly. I had Ken translate every email back and forth between our Japanese clients for three years before letting him coach clients on his own.


Kosuke came to us as a frustrated novice trainee. While it is true that he didn't really know what he was doing with his training, his lack of results was due to a lack of consistency. A sub-optimal plan that is adhered to is infinitely better than a more optimal plan that is not, after all.


His lack of consistency came down to a common trap people fall into. People want immediate results, but results are rarely immediately apparent. When people don't see results, they struggle to justify taking time away from work and family commitments to get the training done. So they keep training inconsistently, which won't get them a proper training effect, and they quit.


Kosuke, recognizing this, forced himself to make the time by taking the rather extreme step of entering himself into a physique competition for the summer. With just five months spare he sought us out for coaching.


This was a serious time constraint and we hesitated about taking him on as a client. The keys to success for him were three-fold:


1. Keeping the calorie deficit fairly modest while leaning out. - If we had taken a more aggressive approach we would have compromised his newbie muscle gain potential.


2. Setting clear expectations. - He wasn't going to win the competition. It would be a useful commitment tool, but sustainability mustn't be sacrificed.


3. Training with long-term progress in mind. - He wouldn't be showing off his legs for the physique competition, but we didn't give him the option of skipping leg work. Deadlifts and squats were still included in his training plan. His goal was to be more consistent with his training and feel in control of his physique, not to look good on stage in shorts on any single day. A well-rounded program gave him options for the future should he want to go into powerlifting or bodybuilding instead.


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Uploaded on October 13, 2016